Vengeance Sound Avenger 2: flagship Synthesizer plugin with a massive feature upgrade

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Vengeance Sound Avenger 2: version 2 of its flagship Synthesizer plugin with mighty new features, including spectral granular, and more.

Flagship synth plugins mostly differ from classic synths in the amount of features and quality. On the one hand, they bundle a variety of synthesis forms and effects in a single plugin, and on top of that, the quality is at a very high level. Omnisphere 2, Pigments, Falcon 3, or Avenger, to name a few.

Vengeance Sound has been working on an Avenger successor for a long time. The first teasers a few months ago already showed the big new features. Today, Avenger 2 is finally here with an upgrade path for existing users.

Vengeance Sound Avenger 2

Vengeance Sound Avenger 2

The original Avenger was a beast of a synth. Yes, a flagship Synthesizer plugin with multiple synthesis forms with waveforms and multi-samples, tons of effects, flexible routings, and more.

In Avenger 2 VPS, the adventure continues. As expected, Vengeance has taken the engine several steps further, making it more deeper and flexible. According to the developers, they developed over four years on this massive update.

The upgrade is so massive that I won’t mention everything in this news article. Please excuse me if I just tell you the highlights

New Powerful Oscillator Engines

Avenger 2’s oscillator section has been supercharged with new modules. It hosts a novel spectral granular module with seven algorithms that works on a smooth FFT base for clean time freezes without grains. It also includes a new spectral expander, aka compressor, for the FFT frequencies.

In addition, there are new single loop and drumloop modules for working with looped sound content. The latter includes 1500 preset drum loops with additional zplane time-stretch algorithms, new bit/rate reducer FX, and a pitch envelope for each drum slot.

Then, a new Eurorack-style quantizer module auto-pitchs your oscillators to certain scales and lets you create truly randomized melodies. This new addition includes different trigger modes, patterns, and more.

Vengeance Sound Avenger 2

New Effects

There are just as many new things to discover in the effects. Avenger 2 features five mighty effects processors. 

A highlight is Q4ntum. It’s a super versatile quad multi-tap delay module with three automatable and time-syncable effects slots for each delay. 20 effects are available, ranging from a stutter, reverse, ring-mod, and more, giving you many options to lead the delay lines into new areas. Plus, you get three master effects.

Also new is a Bitrate, a raw bit destroyer with feedback and drive. More reverberation gives you the new RutaVerb with five new huge reverb algorithms. Existing reverbs now also feature shimmer.  Other new effects are:

  • envelope follower (let you extract real-time automation data from audio/loops) 
  • more filter configurations (serial, parallel, or anything between) 
  • new impulse response library

More Features

The built-in arpeggiator also benefits from new features in Avenger 2. It now offers a powerful randomizer module with built-in scales, and a unique auto dice function. This new feature creates a new random arp on every pattern end.

It also now comes with ratcheting for TD-style melodies and has a MIDI file export functionality.

Further, it comes with an all-new GUI made by Mikael Eidenberg with fully downwards compatible with other GUI designers. That’s very good. Plus, you get three more macro tabs, preset info tags, and more.

And, of course, it ships with a new Factory 2 sound library with 250 presets, tons of new samples, wavetables, waveshapes, drumkits, and over 3000 new drumloops. An area in which Vengeance Sounds is far ahead of many synthesizers. Only Omnisphere 2 is on the same level, in my opinion. 

Lastly, you can preview all these new sounds using a new audio preview function.

First Impression

Avenger 1 was already a monster synth, especially with the sound quality of the patches that were included. Avenger 2 continues exactly that.

The new features make the synth significantly deeper. With the new option of working with loops, Avenger can almost be seen as a workstation that can play entire songs with just one key. I’m very happy about the new spectral granular engine and am excited to see what I can do with it.

The multi-tap delay is also a mighty extension, and I think we will see it as a standalone plugin. All in all, an impressive update for Avenger 2. 


Vengeance Sound Avenger 2 is available now for an introductory/BF price of 150,75€. Existing customers can upgrade for an intro/BF price of 79,73€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

VS plugins are now 33% OFF during Black Friday. If you buy Avenger 2 or the upgrade via Plugin Boutique, you get on top a free plugin (Dawesome LOVE, AIR Drum Synth…) during BF. 

More information here: Vengeance Sound

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