Buchla 208P Music Easel Vs. Arturia Buchla Easel V Synthesizer

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In the latest Tritone Guitars video, Heath Aldrich and Dave Anderson compares the Buchla 208P hardware Synthesizer with the Arturia Easel V Synthesizer and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both instruments.

Yes, with plugins you can make music nowadays. Even though many musicians are currently on hardware, new instrument plug-ins are coming to market every month. With the Buchla Easel V, Arturia was able to convince many of software last year because this emulation is simply fun and sounds great. Also is so well received because the original is very expensive to buy.

In the latest video from the Tritone Guitars YouTube channe, Heath Aldrich and Dave Anderson, both musicians compares both products and describe their workflow with their Buchla synths. One on the hardware, the other on the software. Short but interesting video.

Heath Aldrich and Dave Anderson compare and discuss the Arturia Buchla Easel V with Heath’s physical Buchla 208P. Video production by Jesse Bader.

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