Synth East 2024, Synth and Modular Festival in Norwich

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Synth East 2024 is an upcoming Synthesizer and modular festival in Norwich with a synth expo, live performances, and DIY workshops.

Machina Bristonica and SynthFest Sheffield are two major Synthesizer events in the UK. This year, there was a third one, a newcomer. Synth East took place for the first time in Norwich at the beginning of the year.

It was organized by modular synth personality and journalist Robin Vincent, a.k .a. Molten Music Technology, the Norwich Arts Centre, and Electronic Sound Magazine.

Synth East 2024

The first edition was a huge (recap video), so Robin decided to make a Synth East 2024 edition. The tickets are now online. Don’t wait too long, as the space is limited.


Synth East 2024 is a festival of synths and modular in Norwich (UK). It will take place from Friday, the 23rd of February, to Sunday, the 25th,  2024, in the Norwich Arts Center. 

The event lasts three days. From Synthesizer Expo à la Superbooth/SynthFest, synth concerts, and DIY workshops. There is a lot on offer over the three days—a true Synthesizer extravaganza. 

It starts on Friday (23 Feb) with a documentary about Morten Subotnick, followed by a talk between Adam Buxton and Steve Davis, and to conclude a Luke Sanger concert. 

The real Synthesizer party starts on Saturday (24 Feb) with a whole day of synth expo with various exciting developers from the UK (PWM, AMsynths, Expert Sleepers, RYK Modular…), and many from abroad (Befaco, …). Companies like Arturia, Korg… are represented by the UK distributor.

Synth East 2024

Live Music

There will be performances and workshops from various artists, including the one and only Gaz Williams, Steve Davis, Nina Richards, YouTube stars Mylar Melodies and Jason Jervis, and many more.

The Synth East ends on Sunday with DIY workshops from UK shop Thonk and Barcelona-based modular synth company Befaco. Sounds like a plan! 

This year’s edition looked like it was an exciting, relaxing, and fun event. I can only recommend such events to anyone who would like to exchange ideas with real people about synthesizers and music. These events are gold, and thanks, Robin, for organizing all this. 

Synth East 2024 will be from Friday, the 23rd of February, to Sunday, the 25th in the Norwich Arts Center. Tickets are available now. 

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