IK Multimedia Product Manager 1.0.10, new update intros unlimited download policy

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IK Multimedia IK Product Manager 1.0.10 update removes the 180-day download limitation and the associated unlocking fee.

The products of the Italian company IK Multimedia are primarily based on samples: Syntronik 2, SampleTank 4, Pianoverse, and many more. So many purchases end with downloading GBs of sound content using their Product Manager—nothing unusual in today’s plugin world. 

IK Software products are popular among music producers. However, they had a very annoying catch. Products with large sample libraries could only be downloaded for free 180 days after purchase. After this period, you had to spend money to unlock the downloads. As of today, this is history, finally! 

IK Product Manager 1.0.10

IK Product Manager 1.0.10

I generally don’t report on new product manager updates. But today is an exception. 

IK Multimedia has released the IK Product Manager 1.0.10, which improves the experience of all IK virtual instrument users. More precisely, IK kills the big “BUT” they have had with their software products so far, the download limitation. 

From today, you can reload any instrument sound files at any time with version 1.0.10 of the IK Product Manager. There are no more fees or time restrictions for these downloads, finally!

It took a long time, but now it’s done. Goodbye forever “Sounds Download Reactivation Credit.” According to IK Multimedia, they have changed service providers, which made this long-requested step possible.

I’m sure many will now use their SampleTank, Syntronik 2, etc. plugins again because they have access to the sample content again without spending any money to re-activate downloads. This is very good news.

Black Friday Sale

In addition to this news, IK Multimedia also announced that their Black Friday sale is now active. There are some excellent deals:

For example, you can save over 70% on T-RackS 5 Max v2 ($/€79,99), SampleTank MAX ($/€ 69,99), and AmpliTube 5 MAX for $/€ 79,99. Or go all-in with the Total Studio 4 MAX for $/€ 349€ for new users. Special discounts are available for MAX users. Prices are without VAT! 

IK Multimedia Black Friday 2023

IK Multimedia Product Manager 1.0.10 is available now as a free download from the official website. The Black Friday sale is valid until November 30th, 2023. 

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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