Inear Display Bref, a free random percussive synth plugin and Black Friday sale

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Inear Display Bref is a new free percussive Synthesizer plugin for mac/win that features an Ephemere-based random engine.

I’m a big fan of plugins that have wild and experimental concepts. Plugins that think outside the box in terms of sound. Developers like Glitchmachines or Inear Display offer synths and FX processors.

It’s no coincidence that both of them do this. Inear Display is the main developer of GM plugins. The French developer also has its plugins. With Bref, he is now expanding his list of free plugins with a new wild synth. 

Inear Display Bref

Inear Display Bref

Bref is a new free experimental percussion Synthesizer plugin. The engine is based on a modified version of its unique Ephemere drum Synthesizer plugin.

Unlike Ephemere, Bref only features two sound slots, two knobs, a morphing functionality, and a random generator. 

The whole bouquet of synth parameters is reserved for the full version. This is about creating fast synthetic percussion sounds that are intended to inspire you without thinking about in-depth parameter tweaking.

Bref offers two sound slots, each one has an instance of the modified Ephemere synth engine. By rolling the virtual dice you generate new sounds for both slots. It’s also possible to regenerate each sound individually by clicking on the A and B buttons. 

For more advanced sounds, you can then blend the A and B slots together using the morph knob. Automate this in a sequencer or simply in your DAW, you can achieve very lively, fascinating drum and percussive sounds.

Sounds have a fixed pitch and can be triggered using a MIDI note. A downer: there is no preset system, but the state of the plugin is saved when you save a project in your host. Alternatively, you can sample the output and create your own drum racks with it.

Further, the user interface is fully resizable by dragging the handle in the bottom right corner. There is no sound demo of Bref, but I made an Ephemere sound demo back in 2016. 

Black Friday Sale

At the same time of the release, Inear Display also announced its Black Friday sale with 50% OFF on all its plugins using the code INRDBLK23 at checkout.

First Impression 

An excellent free drum synth plugin that gives you a teaser of what Ephemere can do. Even though it’s a limited plugin, it’s an awesome sound generator for creating extraordinary percussive sounds.

Inear Display Bref is available now as a free/name-your-price download. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows.

More information here: Inear Display 

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