Noise Engineering Nive Grad, a signal shifter module for better external gear integration

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Noise Engineering Nive Grad is a handy signal-scaling module that steps signals up and down between Eurorack modular and line/instrument levels.

Yesterday, I wrote about the advantages of using I/O modules. This is mainly to bring signals to the correct line levels. This was in connection with the release of the new version of the Bastl instrument Ciao!!

Almost at the same time, Noise Engineering also showed a module that does similar things but also a bit difference. 

Noise Engineering Nive Grad

Noise Engineering Nive Grad

Nive Grad is a bit of a roller coaster for audio signals. It’s a super practical module that steps signals up and down between Eurorack modular and line/instrument levels. 

It supports both stereo an dual mono applications says Noise Engineering. There are two sections: one for scaling modular signals down to levels suitable for pedals and external signals. Very handy if you work with pedal setups.

Another is for boosting signals up to levels suitable for Eurorack modules. For example, you have a sampler device and want to send the signals into a modular FX processor chain. 

Both sections feature +/- 12 and 24dB outputs, giving you enough extra gain or attenuation for your signals. It also offers a high (1M) input impedance so it’s compatible with passive guitars.

Nive Grad was built to pair well with the new Xer Mixa stereo mixer, but it will also work seamlessly with any mixer or Eurorack setup says Noise Engineering.

First Impression

A very helpful module if you would like to send external gear into the modular world. Or, conversely, you want to send your modular into pedals or studio gear without having any level problems. I currently use dedicated I/O modules for this, otherwise, it would be a topic for my system. 

Noise Engineering Nive Grad is available soon for $160. 

More information here: Noise Engineering

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