Black Friday Deal: save 33% OFF on Polyend Tracker groovebox

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Deal: Polyend smashes out its Tracker hardware groovebox with granular synthesis, sampling, and more with an up to 48% OFF discount for a limited time. 

UPDATE: that was a fast comeback. The Polyend Tracker deal from August is back. No more 48% OFF because the starting point is no longer the official retail price but the last price. This was 599€, and now it’s on sale again for 399€ at Thomann, making a discount of 33%.

Available here at Thomann

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Article From August 29, 2023

When Polyend introduced the Tracker Mini at NAMM 2023, the future of the original Tracker was clear. They will rely on the Mini and, sooner or later, discontinue the Tracker from 2020. Having the same product in the portfolio twice makes little sense, whereas one has the weaker features.

Now that moment has come. Polyend is throwing out the original Tracker from their stocks with up to 48% OFF discount worldwide. Update: Polyend will not discontinue the Tracker and is currently working on firmware 1.8.

Deal Polyend Tracker

Deal Polyend Tracker

The Polyend Tracker is a super portable groovebox that, unlike other groove-oriented products on the market, is based on the iconic Tracker concept. It appeared on the Commodore Amiga in 1987 for the first time. The key feature of a tracker is the way it works. Instead of composing from left to right, you work vertically from top to bottom.

Polyend’s take on the Tracker takes this retro composing concept into the modern age with unique features, making it a powerful tool. The instrument core consists of a sampler with real-time sampling functionalities. You can record new ones straight via the line or mic inputs or use the built-in FM radio.

From here, you can put them in melodic contexts, slice, or manipulate them further using wavetable and granular synthesis. Plus, it hosts all the ingredients of a synth, including filters, ADSR envelopes, effects, and more. The Tracker also comes with bi-directional MIDI implementation. This allows you to use to sequence and control external gear.

Tracker vs. Tracker Mini

For $359 or €399, the Polyend Tracker is an excellent deal. However, you have to make concessions to the new Tracker Mini. The biggest downer is that it only supports mono samples. Then, you don’t have a built-in battery of the Mini, giving you up to 8 hours of unplugged performance. The latter also has an improved audio pathway and more.

For many, however, the old workflow is nicer because many do not like the Gameboy-like interface of the new Tracker Mini. Even without stereo support and battery, you can get an exciting groove box at a very good price. As a reminder, the hardware was available for Black Friday for €449, so this deal is 50€ cheaper.

The Polyend Tracker deal is available now for $399/399€ instead of $699/699€ for a limited time. Sweetwater has it on sale for $359.

More information here: Polyend 

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