Polyend Tracker firmware 1.7 refines the workflow, and up to 48% OFF for a limited time (last chance)

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Polyend Tracker firmware 1.7, with new features and workflow improvements, is out, still on 48% OFF sale, and no discontinuation plans.

Update: It looks like the Polyend Tracker Sale is done. At Thomann, the Tracker + case is still available for 429€, which is 30€ more because of the case. I don’t know whether they forgot to adjust the price there. So this is the last chance to get the tracker for this price. (03:11 CEST)


On Tuesday, Polyend launched a massive sale on their Tracker groovebox. You can save up to 48% until September 4th. With such huge discounts, one wonders whether the product will be discontinued.

Polyend issued a press release today that they have no plans to discontinue the Tracker. They enforce this statement today on top of a new firmware 1.7, with new features and workflow refinements. And they promise more updates are planned.

Polyend Tracker firmware 1.7

Polyend Tracker Firmware 1.7

The new firmware 1.7 introduces many upgrades to the Tracker’s audio path, user interface, and MIDI control for a cleaner sound, and a faster, more intuitive workflow, says Polyend.

Let’s start with the audio improvements. You can benefit from upgraded sample editor effects, including improved EQ, compressor, and limiter. It also introduces new audio saturation modes on the master audio channels, allowing you to add extra bite to your sounds. The developers also increased the headroom for added clarity and control of the Tracker’s sound. Plus, there is a new snap-to-zero function for easier sample looping.

Then, they refined the MIDI engine with increased clock stability and a clock synth correction to make sure your gear is always on time. This precision guarantees that your musical components remain impeccably in rhythm, fostering an uninterrupted creative flow, says Polyend.

Workflow Improvements

They also add various UI improvements that will keep the Tracker doing what it does best – inspiring you to make more music. These are the following: 

  • New Pattern arrangement Config setting: Vertical revolver
  • Pattern step numbering can be set from 0, 1 or hexidecimal
  • Sample Recorder: The physical Rec button starts/stops the recording
  • Improved project management
  • Song mode: Possibility to select and change Tempo with arrow buttons (in Rec mode)
  • Song mode: Empty Slot and Copy Pattern functions added 
  • Sample Loader: Possibility to select and change the Preview Volume with arrow buttons
  • Changed access to Instrument Synthesizer page: Instrument Parameters > More
  • Updated text instructions in Config > Firmware update page
  • Sample Recorder: The physical Rec button starts/stops the recording
  • Many other subtle visual changes of controls, colors, and layout

Bug Fixes

And of course, they also fixed many bugs:

  • improved audio signal when using external clock/transport and (re)starting playback quickly or using external clock and random LFOs in instrument automation.
  • removed freezing issues (new config project settings or occasional freezing while exporting song, song stems, and pattern stems) 
  • new behavior: song will start from the (next) slot that contains the currently loaded pattern. Otherwise, a popup “Load pattern from song first” will appear.
  • Sticky Shift button behavior when holding and switching to another page/module

No Discontinuation Plans

The Tracker is still on a massive up to 48% OFF sale worldwide at retailers. This caused thoughts of farewell for the Polish groovebox. Polyend, however, confirmed today they will not discontinue it. They say that firmware 1.7 is not the last update, and they should stay tuned for more future upgrades and improvements.

First Impression

This is good and positive news that Polyend is sending us. It is now clear that the Tracker will receive further updates. Nice. For those with the instrument on their wish list, now seems to be the best opportunity to get it for an excellent price.

Polyend Tracker Firmware 1.7 is available now as a free download. The sale is only available at retailers. Thomann has it on sale for 399€. Sweetwater sets the bar even lower and offers it for $359. There is also an official Polyend Reverb.com store where you can get it for $399/399€. The sale is available until September 4, 2023, or while supplies last.

More information here: Polyend 

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