Aberrant DSP Lofi Oddity, a free multi-effects plugin for macOS and Windows

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Aberrant DSP has released Lofi Oddity, a new free easy-to-use, and fun multi-FX degradation plugin for macOS and Windows.

New plugins are released almost daily from large companies like Native Instruments, and Softube but also small developers. Only a few can stand out from this crowd. The one that does this very well is Aberrant DSP.

On the one hand, with exciting effects; on the other, they have very 80s/90s computer-like GUIs, which are fascinating. They are also taking part in the Black Friday events with a new free plugin. And yes, it is another lo-fi plugin, but I think it’s a highlight. 

Aberrant DSP Lofi Oddity

Aberrant DSP Lofi Oddity

The first glance tells us straight away that it’s an Aberrant DSP plugin. Windows 95 vibes come straight away.

Lofi Oddity is a new free multi-FX plugin that bundles various effects for sonic degradation. The developers kept it very simple. Four symbols, little control but instant LoFi fun.

It starts with the corruption module that adds digital artifacts and stutter effects to your audio. According to Abberant DSP, it is inspired by its Digitalis plugin. From here, it goes into ??????, a reverberator that creates uncharted spaces. In the official video, they say:

the next module was found on a diskette in a chamber below the house. We’re still decoding the full extent of its secrets…

The results that come out sound very spacy and good. Then, you get a tape effect that offers the best-of warm and degraded characters of its SketchCassette plugin. Further, you get the ShapeShifter-inspired compressor section (comp) that gives you tracks extra glue and punch.

At the bottom of the GUI, you can find additional gain in /out controls and a dry/wet mix. The plugin ships with 18 factory presets for exploring instant broken soundscapes.

Black Friday Sale

Besides this, Aberrant DSP also has a Black Friday sale with up to 36% OFF on their plugins and bundles. 

First Impression

This looks like a fun FX plugin. It’s like a best of Aberrant DSP effects in a free plugin. Definitely, a highlight for the Black Friday freebies, at least for me.

Aberrant DSP Lofi Oddity is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Aberrant DSP

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