Deal: Dreadbox Nymphes analog poly Synthesizer for 339€, save 25% OFF

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Deal: for a limited time, you get Dreadbox Nymphes, a 6-voice analog polyphonic Synthesizer, for 339€ instead of 499€ (32% OFF).

Little update: it’s 25% OFF, not 32% OFF, if you consider the last street price of 449€.

Some readers said that this year’s Black Friday hardware deals are a bit weak. I have to confirm that there have been better years.

But now, a deal has popped up that is significantly better, especially for people who are looking for an affordable polyphonic analog synth. Thomann has dropped the price of the Dreadbox Nymph by 32%. You can get it now for 339€ instead of 499€. 

Deal Dreadbox Nymphes

Deal Dreadbox Nymphes

€339 for a polyphonic analog Synthesizer with patch memory made in Europe is a killer price. Okay, the original 499€ price is already very competitive. You get a lot for the price.

Dreadbox Nymphes has a 6-voice analog engine reminiscent of the iconic Roland Juno synths. Per voice, you have a VCO with wave-forming, a sub-oscillator, and a noise generator. Then, the signal goes through a 24dB/oct lowpass resonant filter and a 6dB/oct high pass non-resonant filter. 

To round off the sound-making engine, it hosts a lush digital reverb developed in-house by the Dreadbox team.

On the modulation side, you get per voice two envelope generators and a multi-wave wide-range LFO with key track and fade in/out functionality.

For the complete voice, you get a second wide-range LFO targeting multiple parameters with different amounts. It also has waveforms, key track, and fade in/out functions. There are also seven built-in, ready-to-use, customizable chords.

Besides this, you can use the modulation wheel, velocity, and aftertouch for additional modulation fun. It supports both monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch (MPE).

You can load up to 98 presets in the unit, where 49 are factory presets and 49 user presets. It also has a good set of I/O on the back: MIDI over USB or via DIN 5 with full MIDI CC, USB for data and power, and a mono output. 

I don’t have a Dreadbox Nymphes review, but I have used it in many pedal videos. In this video, with the Walrus Audio SLÄRP pedal. 




Nymphes is a very classic analog Synthesizer with a vintage character. If you like that, you can get a great poly analog synth for little money. Points of criticism: only mono output, especially for pedals, and using the menu is cumbersome in the long run.

I hope that through this deal, more people will come to Nymphes and that a very good editor will come along. Let’s hope.

Dreadbox Nymphes is available now for 339€ instead of 499€ at Thomann for a limited time. Dreadbox also hosts a 30% OFF sale on their website on a Erebus + Hades bundle and Nymphes. This deal is valid until Nov 27, 2023. 

More information here: Dreadbox

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  1. Sorry to nitpick, but the reverb algo on the Nymphes is from Sinevibes. I picked one up used several months ago for a bit more than this price… a really good deal. (also, are you going to cover the new Chase Bliss “Lossy” pedal on the site? I’m curious of your thoughts)

    • Dreadbox website says *dreadbox reverb”. I know that they use Sinevibes code for the Typhon and for pedals. Here I’m not sure.
      Chase Bliss, let see if I get time 🙂

  2. It’s even cheaper -288e – directly from dreadbox
    And there s a great bundle Erebus/hades/stand/parchbays
    For 400e instead of 600 !

  3. Hello
    As an example, if you buy it at Dreadbox from France, they add approximatly 21% for taxes and 15€ fo shipping costs to 288€ ==> 362€ with taxes + shipping.

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