Engelen Audio, 3 Free MacOS VST3/AU Effect Plugins: Kaput, Koruss & Sahara

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Engelen Audio is giving away three effects plugins for macOS for free: Kaput (tape saturator), Koruss (chorus/flanger), & Sahara (distortion)

It’s Monday, the start of a new week of Music Tech News. Hopefully with an exciting one. Well, it starts very generously. The young UK-based developer Engelen Audio has decided to release three new macOS-only effects plugins, and all of them for free.

And they even have unique names: Kaput, Koruss & Sahara.

Engelen Audio Kaput

Engelen Audio

Three new effects plugins are available without download restrictions, with no annoying registration or newsletter subscription. They are free.

Kaput is an effect plugin that is based on a dusty, old handheld cassette recorder that is recreated in detail using analog modeling. The effect is particularly suitable to give your sounds a lo-fi, broken vintage sound. Kaput does not do subtlety; push the input gain and experience meticulous, non-linear cassette tape modeling. The interface is very easy to use and offers different parameters including depth, wobble, drops, crosstalk, and noise.

Koruss is a multi-purpose effect plugin that can create chorus, flangers as well as vibrato effects. The core of the plugin is a “short” delay with various delay times suited for different effects all based on vintage analog stereo chorus schematics.

Then, it also features two blendable LFO’s with multiple LFO shapes, and “Sheen” to archive these kinds of sounds. The latter is an audio-enhancing algorithm that takes inspiration from vintage aural exciter hardware. Further, you have the option to choose between a digital or virtual analog amplification which introduces subtle overload distortion


Lastly, we have Sahara which is a versatile distortion/saturation plugin. It hosts 4 different algorithms and various controls. Voltage bias, variable shape, as well as a pre-processing EQ with which you can quickly craft the exact distortion you need. The plugin is capable of creating a wide range of tones from nasty guitar tones to subtle tape saturation.


Engelen Audio Kaputt, Koruss, and Sahara are available now as a free download and runs on macOS-only for VST3 and AU. It’s a shame that the plugins are not available for Windows, maybe in the future.

More information here: Englelen Audio

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