Loomer Aspect 2, semi-modular synth plugin gets major free update

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Loomer Aspect 2 is a major free update for its semi-modular Synthesizer plugin (macOS, Linux, and Windows) with new features, and improvements.

Great Britain is in the grip of Synthesizer plugin fever. After GForce Software blessed us with the Oberheim OB-1 this morning, there is now news from Loomer—a developer who flies a bit under the radar. The creations are fascinating and offer some beautiful twists.

Today the semi-modular  Synthesizer plugin Aspect received a free 2.0 update with many new features and improvements.

Loomer Aspect 2

Loomer Aspect 2

To get you into the topic. Aspect 2 is an analog modeling Synthesizer with a semi-modular signal flow, allowing you to work very flexibly. Instead of pulling patch cables, you use color-coded dots to make connections.

The core of Aspect 2 has remained the same. It consists of two analog modeling oscillators paired with various filters, powerful modulation, and more. There are a lot of new things to discover in the new version 2. It starts with the look. 

As a reminder: the OG Aspect plugin came onto the market in 2009, a time, when synth plugins looked a bit different. The look has now been upgraded to vector-based interface with dark, light and classic blue clour schemes that are fully resizable.

Then, you can explore all-new filter algorithms, including a brutal saturating filter that adds juice to your sounds. Next to this, Loomer upgraded the modulation with new features, giving you now over 100 modulation sources and destinations.

Loomer Aspect 2

First, you can now work new multi-segment envelopes, each having an unlimited number of segments. You can edit curves to sub-millisecond accurancy for tonal modulation control, and sync them to follow the host tempo.

Secondly, it now hosts a two-part modulation sequencer with value and retrigger lanes. So you can automate parameters, using the sequencer. It can also be used to retrigger envelopes, says Loomer. There are also various other new sources: quantizers, mappers, rectifiers, and more.

It’s also nice to see that the modulation workflow has become simpler. You can now map modulation by simply drag and drop sources on destinations.

Further, it now ships with over 600 ready-to-use factory presets. Good, all your Loomer Aspect 1 patches are compatible with the new Aspect 2 version.

Videos of Loomer’s plugin are very rare on YouTube. This also applies to Aspect. I linked a Aspect 1 video, but it looks completely different. Very old-fashion.

First Impression

A very welcome update. I’m glad to see that it’s free for Aspect 1 users. Remember, the plugin was released in 2009. The look evolution alone from v1 to v2 is stunning. The new features also sound very solid to me. Hope, there will be more buzz about the v2 as with v1, that flight under the radar. 

Loomer Aspect 2 is available now for £85 GBP + VAT. The update 2.0 is a free of charge for existinger Aspect 1.0 users. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel), Linux, and Windows. 

More information here: Loomer

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  1. Too much CPU burn, not usable for a real project.
    Please test CPU usage as a standard procedure before republishing press releases, thanks!

    • do you have Windows 95 or 98 with a 500mHz CPU? My CPU consumption is 1% – 3% for every patch!
      There is something super strange with your system.
      If I publish a press release, the article would be super short!

  2. Loomer has always been one of the pioneering software instrument designers to bring a higher level of magic onto the scene for artists working with the medium of sound. Aspect has been a part of my audio army for 15 years. The sound, modulation possibilities, architecture, and unique layout has been in its own class. Aspect 2 is just phenomenal. There are no words to describe this instrument, it’s one of the best instruments for sound on the market. It runs flawlessly, sounds incredible, low CPU for High Fidelity output, and the expanded modules just makes Aspect 2 one of the finest synthesizers period. If you wish to get behind d the wheel of creation and explore the magic associated with designing your sound, do yourselves a favor and explore Loomer’s Aspect 2. Colin is one of those designers who sincerely cares about every instrument he creates but also the community who supports his work. Aspect 2 is definitely an A level instrument for anyone doing anything with sound.

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