Eowave Tempête Magnétique, quad analog filter with west-coast influences

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Eowave Tempête Magnétique is a new characterful quad analog filter module with influences from west-coast oscillators. 

At Superbooth 21, the makers of the Quadratid Swarm synth voice announced the Tempête Magnétique, a unique quad analog filter for Eurorack. It took them two years to finalize and put it into production.

Good news: At the end of the summer, dealers received the first batch of the new Eowave filter. So, it’s perfect timing to highlight the filter again.

Eowave Tempête Magnétique

Eowave Tempête Magnétique

Tempête Magnétique (22HP) is not another bread and butter analog filter. It’s a quad analog filter that goes beyond filtering and thus fits seamlessly into the list of processing modules, so does the new Frap Tools Cunsa. It’s also the successor of the Fluctuations magnétiques from 2017.

At its core, it has four multi-mode 12dB filters (high-pass, band-pass, and low-pass) with serial and parallel routing options. They can be used independently with four different signals, combined or even cross-modulated. Each filter has independent cutoff frequency and resonance controls, plus a switch to choose the mode.

Wild Explorations

It gets exciting when you spend a longer time working with the module. Sure, you can feed it with four signals and use it as a traditional quad filter. You have individual levels, allowing you to use them for quadraphonic processing.

You can also go deeper and switch the filter differently, which opens up other sound design fields. For this, the Eowave developers were heavily inspired by the workflow of West Coast complex oscillators. One area is feedback. For example, you can turn them into two wild, unpredictable oscillators using their feedback capabilities.

The independent outputs have been designed to be fed back into their input, turning them into oscillators (not really precise one, but you can make synth voice kind of V/Oct tuned with their very own sound, due to the fully analogical design, these oscillators may have strange behaviors sometimes, but this instability will bring you the warmth of analog gears).


They can also be used to achieve complex stereo effects. Since you have two pairs of filters, you can mangle your sounds on both sides. Totally crazy and out of this world is also possible. Cross-mod the filter pairs and you can create effects that say sajonara to classic filtering.

Further, there is also a ping input and a built-in envelope follower opening the door to percussive sounds. The outputs also have phase correction.

CV modulation is available for the individual filters but also for each pair. Tempête Magnétique is a powerful quad filter with many possibilities:

  • filtering (mono voices, stereo, quadraphonic)
  • weird synth voice
  • waveshaper
  • LFOs/oscillators generator
  • crossover
  • external rhythm following
  • -auto filtering
  • drum generator

First Impression

Tempête Magnétique is one of the most exciting analog filters currently on the market. That’s because it can be a smooth musical quad filter, a sound generator, and a crazy effects processor in a single module. I like that you can discover new facets of the filter through raw exploration. And it looks gorgeous. Excellent release, Eowave. 

Eowave Tempête Magnétique is available now for $369,99/349€.

More information here: Eowave 

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