Rob Papen brings back Albino 3 as Legend version in the eXplorer 9 bundle

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Rob Papen will be reviving its popular Albino 3 as Legend version, a synth plugin in collaboration with LinPlug, in the upcoming eXplorer 9 bundle.

Plugins come and go. New ones are developed, existing ones are updated, or, depending on the situation, they are left to die. One of the synthesizers that did this is Albino 3 by Rob Papen and Linplug from 2006—a software synth from the early days. Today, it’s a classic synth that many music producers still love.

In 2012, Albino 3 was discontinued, and its spiritual successor, Predator, was introduced. As we know, Linplug closed its plugin business chapter in 2017 (RIP Spectral). Recently, Rob Papen, however, managed to buy the Albino 3 code from Peter Linsener (LinPlug). There are great news.

Rob Papen Albino 3 Legend

Rob Papen Albino 3 Legend 

According to Rob Papen, Albino 3 will return as a Legend version with the release of the eXplorer 9 bundle in November 2023. It’s now in beta. 

The resurrection of a legendary and groundbreaking software synthesizer from the past!
Originally released in 2006, Albino-3 was the result of a collaboration between Virtual Instrument designer Peter Linsener and Dutch sound designer and musician Rob Papen.

The new Albino 3 Legend will feature the same virtual analog engine many people love. However, Rob Papen’s developers have updated the code with some features that are seen as necessary these days. You get full VST 3 support, different GUI sizes, and compatibility with the latest macOS so native Apple Silicon support and Windows computers. And Rob also says it will probably also come with fresh sounds.

Albino 3 Legend Features

The core consists of three oscillators with analog- and digital-style waveforms and sub-oscillators joined by amplitude and frequency cross-mod, and PWM for all waveforms. Then, it hosts two filters per voice, each with two types (silk and cream type), giving you up to 12 modes.

On the modulation side, you can work with up to eight envelopes per voice with advanced functionalities like looping. There are also four multi-wave LFOs with adjustable symmetry and phase, plus additional LFO-DAD envelopes. All this is managed by a unique modulation matrix with hundreds of mod routings.

Albino 3 Legend also hosts a multi-FX processor with six slots, including delay, two types of chorus, phaser, flanger, filter, reverb, stereo delay, gator, wah-wah, compressor, and LoFi. And with the built-in 1250 presets you can get inspired and get creative straight away. As already said, there will be more than 1250 in the new Legend version.


Rob Papen’s entry-level and most user-friendly plugin GO2 is also getting an update to GO2-X in the upcoming eXplorer 9 bundle. More details when the bundle is released. 

First Impression

This is very good news that Rob Papen has for us. As a big fan of Albino 3, I’m really looking forward to the Legend version. Hopefully, the development will continue in the future with new features and perhaps an engine boost.

Rob Papen Albino 3 Legend will be available in November 2023 as part of eXplorer 9. The plugin will cost 99€, and the upgrade from AB3 to AB3 Legend will cost 49€.

More information will follow here: Rob Papen

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