Superbooth 21: Eowave Redondances, Orage Mk2 & Fluctuations Magnétiques Mk2

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At Superbooth 21, Eowave announced three new Eurorack modules including Redonances delay, Orange Mk2 VCO & Fluctuations Magnétiques Mk2 filter.

Eowave, the developers of the experimental, semi-modular synthesizer Quadrandit Swarm, was also at Superbooth 21 with three brand-new Eurorack module releases.

They showed a powerful quad head stereo delay, a new voltage-controlled oscillator, and a quad multimode complex filter.

Superbooth 21 Eowave

Eowave Redondances

The first big Eowave release for Superbooth is called Redondances. It’s a 4-tap stereo delay that offers a digital stereo delay with an all-analog feedback path. On each side (L/R), you have control over time, feedback, cutoff, mix, size, and more. An eye-catching highlight is a LED above the time control. It also has a built-in filter and saturation circuit. A tempting module that you can look forward to.

Eowave Orage Mk2

Orage mk2 is the official successor to the Orage module that was initially published in 2015. It’s a complex analog oscillator that simulates the intensity of magnetic storms in space. It has a triangle core with a wide range of modulation types. Including PWM, thru-zero FM synthesis, linear & exponential, and phase inversion modulation. With 10HP a very compact analog oscillator with a lot of features.

Eowave Fluctuations Magnétiques Mk2

Also, Eowave’s Fluctuations Magnétiques gets a major upgrade with a new mk2 version. Like the original, it is a quad multimode filter that combines 4 independent multimode filters with selectable lowpass, bandpass, & highpass. Each filter can be synced to one another to build to a 48dB low-pass/hi-pass filter or 2 x 24dB band-pass.

Fluctuations Magnétiques has a new slider in the middle that activates cross-modulation which could be super interesting in stereo operation. Further, each filter has a ping input, an envelope follower, and a self-oscillation option with 1v/oct tracking. Looks like a monster filter module with crazy shaping options.

The new Eowave will be available soon. Orage MkII will be around 249€, Fluctuations Magnétiques around 300€ and Redonances TBA.

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