Roland Cloud 5.1 Update Features The TR-808 Rhythm Composer Plugin

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Roland announced yesterday the new TR-8S, a further development of the TR-8 Rhythm Composer/drum machine.  Now it’s time for the DAW musicians. Today, the Japanese company released a new update for their subscription service Roland Cloud and includes the TR-808 plugin based on ACB technology. Subscribers can now download the new TR-808 plugin from the cloud and create authentic 808 patterns.

Now In The Cloud

Since it was announced in January, the Roland Cloud community has been overwhelmingly excited and asking for us to hurry and release of the Roland Cloud TR-808 Rhythm Composer.  The wait is over.

Making history, again

For the first time in history, Roland has created an authentic software reproduction of the original TR-808 Rhythm Composer, and it is now available as both a VST and AU plugin for use in popular digital audio workstations. The TR-808 is one of the most revered and sought-after electronic musical instruments of all time. It is so desirable that original units sell for thousands of dollars on the used market and it’s often been imitated with sound-alike sample-packs, less-than-faithful apps, and knock-offs.

But the 808 is a complex beast and far more than the sum of its parts. Its iconic user interface and the unique character created by the sounds responding to and interacting with each other are vitally important to conjuring up that authentic TR-808 personality.

No Samples But ACB Technology

Using its revolutionary Analog Circuit Behavior technology, Roland has painstakingly recreated the original analog circuits that are the essence of the TR-808’s distinctive sound. Every nuance and detail present in the original hardware is accounted for, resulting in a living, breathing TR-808. This software adaption not only sounds and acts true-to-life, but it also injects new and exciting enhancements into the classic 808 formula.

New features, same legendary sound

For example, each pattern has eight variations, allowing creators the ability to define evolving sequences with limitless possibilities. The classic 16-step “TR-REC” sequencer can be expanded to include a sequencer lane for each drum instrument so users can program faster and more fluidly.

The built-in sequencer has adjustable flams and sub-steps so that detailed fills and ratcheting sequences can easily be created. Each instrument has its own “last step” and shuffle settings for atomic timing control, experimentation with polyrhythms, and to dial in just the right groove for a track. Musicians and producers can even drag patterns from the TR-808 directly into their DAW as MIDI or audio clips.

The TR-808 plugin is now available to Roland Cloud Members via the manager software. New users can sign up for a 30-day trial.

More information here: Roland Cloud 


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