discoDSP OPL, New Synthesizer Plugin/iOS App That Emulates The YM3812 Sound Chip

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discoDSP OPL Synthesizer plugin emulates the digital synthesis from the YM3812 chip built into vintage gaming consoles but also sound cards.

The OPL Synthesizer brings you back sounds from the 80s. Nope, no typical analog but these digital “dirty” ones that you heard on vintage computers or retro video consoles. To achieve these sounds, the plugin emulates the iconic Yamaha YM3812 sound chip that is also built into old soundcards (AdLib, SoundBlaster…).

The instrument is an authentic emulation and provides all features of the OPL2, and some of the OPL3. The plugin was originally coded by Bruce Sutherland but discoDSP created a macOS version out of it. Update: discoDSP just released an iOS version of OPL Synthesizer with AUv3 support.

discoDSP OPL

At a technical level: the emulator has channels comprised of 2 oscillators each. Each pair of oscillators is usually combined via phase modulation (basically frequency modulation).

Each oscillator can produce one of eight waveforms (sine, half-sine, absolute sine, quarter sine, alternating sine, camel sine, square, logarithmic sawtooth), and has an ADSR envelope controlling its amplitude. The unusual waveforms give it a characteristic sound. This plugin is therefore not for musicians who search for new analog-style timbres but especially for fans of vintage digital music that go in the direction of retro gaming.

discoDSP OPL costs $29 USD and is available now for PC, Mac & Linux in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats. OPL is also available as an iOS AUv3 app for $3.99 USD

More information here: discoDSP


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