Expressive E Noisy, Colorful Synthesizer Merges Physical Modeling With Subtractive Synthesis

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Expressive E Noisy, new hybrid Synthesizer plugin fuses highly-expressive physical modeling with the basics of subtractive synthesis in a new colorful plugin.

The year 2020 is coming to an end and the long-awaited hardware Synthesizer Osmose is still not on the market. The innovative synth and controller from the French company Expressive E  is still deep in development. However. There is now a new interesting virtual instrument that somewhat reduces the wait for Osmose.

Noisy is a new hybrid Synthesizer plugin that combines the concept of physical modeling with the logic and simplicity of subtractive synthesis. All of this embedded in a very colorful interface, which is very eye-catching, and refreshing new.

Expressive E Noisy

Expressive E Noisy

Noisy use the principles of acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Expressive E goes a step further and takes the benefits of physical modeling synthesis to the next level and makes it highly multidimensional playable. The synth features 6 powerful resonators distributed over 2 layers.

Each resonator combines a subtractive synthesis dimension using resonant oscillators with a physical modeling synthesis dimension using optimized comb filter always in a harmonious way. Further, it has an expressive AD envelope and an LFO.

Colour-Coded Interface

The playful, colorful interface has a reason. This relies on a color-coding graphical system that enables you to understand each synth section very easily.

4 Dimensional Presets

A preset is not a simple preset here. Noisy allows you to manipulate any preset with four dimensions of sound design. They can be used on their own or combined seamlessly with each other. That’s not all. It also makes it possible to mix the dimensions of two different presets thanks to the layering system. Endless sound variations are possible here.

Enhance & Articulate

Noisy has also a complete FX section with which you can go further in the sound design process. They are designed for real-time manipulation to easily fluid articulations, break drops, or dynamically modify reverbs and delays. According to Expressive E, it’s possible to push the limits of expressiveness.

The synth ships with over 400 professionally designed presets.

Noisy looks promising, mainly because it offers the uber flexibility of physical modeling synthesis built-into a hands-on, intuitive interface.

Expressive E Noisy is available now for $89/89€ until December 31st, discounted from the regular price of only $/€149. It runs as a VST/AU plugin on PC & Mac.

More information here: Expressive E 

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