Sonicware LIVEN Lofi-6, hardware sampler with more retro character, and new Lofi-12 firmware 2.1

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Sonicware LIVEN Lofi-6 is a special edition of the Lofi-12 hardware sampler with added retro character and new Lofi-12 firmware 2.1. 

At the end of 2022, Sonicware released the LIVEN Lofi-12, a hardware sampler/groovebox with a very retro Lofi sound character. With the built-in 4-track sequencer, effects, etc., it’s also a capable groove box for on-the-go.

The LIVEN Lofi-12 seems to be such a great success for Sonicware that they are now celebrating it with the new Lofi-6 sampler groovebox.

Sonicware Liven Lofi-6

Sonicware Liven Lofi-6 Special Edition

The Liven Lofi-6 is a special edition created in collaboration with the US Synthesizer store Perfect Circuit. It’s limited to 500 units and will not be available in other stores. Regarding features, the Liven Lofi-6 version is not 100% identical to the Lofi-12 sampler and groovebox.

The biggest difference is the sound engine. The Lofi-6 runs at a very retro sampling rate and bit depth of 6kHz at 16 bits, with 8 seconds of mono sampling. This particular choice of sample rate rolls off high-end frequencies in a way that Sonicware likens more to television of the 1950s and 60s than a particular vintage sampler, says Perfect Circuit

Tube Mode

There is also a new Tube mode, emulating the saturation and character of a vacuum tube amplifier for additional warmth and harmonic content. Thus, the new Lofi-6 has a sonic signature all its own, and even owners of the Lofi-12 may find something new in this device, promising PC and Sonicware.

The rest of the feature set remains the same, including the four-track sequencer with 64 steps per track, sound and parameter locks, and more. Other features are:

  • 128 Sample memory slots, up to 8s in length
  • 12 effect types available per track: chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, distortion, bit crusher, lowpass filter, highpass filter, isolator, tilt EQ, compressor, sonic maximizer
  • 9 master effects: Hall, Room, Area, Plate, Tunnel, Infinity reverbs, Cassette Tape, Vinyl simulators, Remix performance effect
  • 10 voice polyphony

Sonicware Liven Lofi-6

Firmware 2.1 Update

Besides the new Liven Lofi-6, Sonicware also updated its Lofi-12 sampler. The new firmware 2.1 is a free update with new features and improvements.

A highlight of the new firmware is a new enhancer “S.Maximizer” to the track effects.  Then, you can duplicate a sequence to double the length. It lets you move the filter cutoff and other knob adjustments while resampling. That’s a neat improvement.

Looping of the chain playback is also now possible with the new firmware 2.1. Sonicware also improved the noise gate on the line input with a new option to disable it. Further, it comes with several bug fixes and improvements.

First Impression

A nice special edition of the Lofi-12 sampler groovebox. Mainly because it’s not just a banal color update but has new features. It’s a pity that the version won’t be available in Europe.

Sonicware Liven-6 is available now for pre-order for $299 exclusively from Perfect Circuit. The new Liven-12 firmware 2.1 is ready for download.

More information here: Sonicware 

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Perfect Circuit

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  1. this is not a damn funko pop, its a tool! why make a limited edition version of something you just released not even a year ago, with exclusive features? that is absurd. limited edition versions of hardware are different color schemes, skins, things that affect appearance, not the same exact device with two or thee exclusive features?! so what,? i want 6kHz less sampling and tube effect, oh, okay here is another 300 dollars? get out of here with that shit. sonicware really shot themselves in the foot with this one. such a sad way to see them go out.
    so done with this company. after the very misleading info on elz play getting new updates while the original wouldn’t, and using fomo as a means to sell more units, now this bs? there’s absolutely no reason these futures cant be included in the 12, other then to sell the same unit twice. i wanted so bad to support sonicware and watch them grow, but the way they are liyng and deceiving there own fans is awful. i legit love these little boxes and would have bought them all anyway, but this is too far. keep an eye out on reverb y’all

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