Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.12 Adds Half-Wave Rectifier, Loop Markers & More

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The “Magic Os” has been active again and the magic was so strong that I even missed the last news. Expert Sleepers has today released a new firmware update for the Disting Mk4 Eurorack module. The new firmware 4.12 brings a half-wave rectifier algorithm, multisample 2 audio playback and more. In June there was also a big update, which I missed, sorry.

This added a clockable SD ping pong, clockable wavetable envelope, and much more. A cool improved has also received the reverb algorithm. It features now a “freeze” and gain control for the reverb signal. There’s a lot of new things to discover in both updates. I’m just worried how much you can put into this small module.

Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 4.12

New In Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.12

  • Added the Half-wave Rectifier algorithm.
  • Added the Multisample 2 Audio Playback algorithm.
  • Added support for loop markers in WAV files.
  • In all Audio Playback algorithms, added a small delay between choosing the folder and the disting loading it, to make it easier to scroll through many folders.
  • In the Audio Playback with Crossfade algorithm, added display of the file chosen to fade in at the next crossfade.
  • Fixed a problem when using ‘Envelope time’ in the dual audio playback algorithms and both voices were playing the same sample.
  • Greatly increased performance when using ‘Envelope time’ in dual audio playback algorithms.
  • In the Dual Euclidean Patterns algorithm, added independent Rotation control of the two patterns, and added a Repeat parameter, allowing the repeat count to be different from the number of steps in the pattern.

New In Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.11

  • Added the Clockable SD Ping Pong algorithm.
  • Added the Clockable Wavetable Envelope algorithm.
  • The Wavetable VCO algorithm now has an option for output B to be a phase shifted version of output A.
  • All algorithms that use wavetables now look in a specific folder for them, keeping them separate from normal audio files. The ‘playlist-wavetable.txt’ file is now optional.
  • The Reverb algorithms now have a ‘freeze’ control, and a gain control for the reverb signal. The Size and Feedback parameters of these algorithms now use a range of 1-32.
  • The VCO with waveshaping algorithm now has parameters for transpose and fine tune, and the option to use Z as an ‘oscillator sync’ input.
  • The Voltage Controlled Delay Line algorithm now has an attenuator for the Y input and an option to insert a saturation stage into the delay feedback loop.
  • The MIDI/CV algorithm now supports CC control of the outputs with a 0-10V range.
  • Added support for fingered portamento to the MIDI/CV algorithm.
  • Improved the quality of the Vocoder algorithm. Also added attenuator parameters for the Vocoder algorithm’s outputs.
  • Added a parameter to the MIDI File Playback (Clocked) algorithm to select the MIDI file directly, not using the Z knob/CV.
  • Added the option of gate inverters to the Linear/Exponential Converter.
  • Added support for sending MIDI clock into the disting over the Select Bus.
  • All audio playback algorithms are now consistent about non-looping WAV files not playing until they’re triggered.
  • Added support for MIDI pitch bend to the Audio Playback with V/Oct and Multisample Audio Playback algorithms.
  • The Clocked Audio Playback algorithm now has an option to use Z to control sample start position.
  • Added the ‘startQuantize’ audio playlist option.
  • Saving a preset now also saves which parameter is currently assigned to the S knob.
  • Fixed a problem where the SD Delay algorithms would not work correctly if they were the first algorithm used at power up.
  • Fixed a problem where using the knob recorder on the Dual Waveshaper algorithm would corrupt the output.
  • Fixed a problem where non-looped WAV files might play with a click at the end of the sample.

Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.12 is available now as a free download. It’s only compatible with the Disting Mk4.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

Disting Mk4 is available now at our partner 


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