DF Audio Nanopatch, new tiny patchbays for guitar pedals and portable synths

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DF Audio has introduced the Nanopatch series (X/M), new tiny patchbays designed for guitar pedals and portable synths (Volcas…).

f you work with a lot of outboard gear, such as effect pedals, etc., in the studio, then it’s often a case of cable in, cable out, etc. If you do it a lot, it’s an annoying workflow. Patchbays are inexpensive tools that make your life much easier. They make it possible to change entire signal chains in seconds by changing a cable.

Two developers, Boredbrain Music, and DF Audio have patchbays in their portfolio, offering alternatives to the old-school rack patchbays. These are desktop, compact, and suitable for both live and studio. It can be even smaller, says DF Audio, unveiling the Nanopatch X and M.

DF Audio Nanopatch

Nanopatch X and Nanopatch M are the latest patchbays from DF Audio, the maker of the Minibay v2. They are little, cute, and are very designed for specific areas of application. More precisely, guitar pedals and pocket instruments.

DF Audio Nanopatch X

Nanopatch X is a tiny patchbay with the primary function of connecting to guitar pedals and other effects processors. It offers four 1/4″ TRS sockets on the back that are two mono TS mini jacks. So you can route up to four stereo signals (four pedals).

Like on the Minibay v2, you have patchable inputs and outputs on the front panel. Nice, Nanopatch X also works with CV signals. So it’s also a breakout box for semi-modular synths or devices that output CV over TRS sockets.

DF Audio Nanopatch M

The second new product is Nanopatch M. Another tiny and super useful patchbay for your desktop and live setup. This device is designed for connecting to pocket instruments, and a mixer with mini jacks.

It features eight mini jack sockets on the back and 4/4 inputs/outputs on the front panel for patching. Plus, the Nanopatch M also works with CV signals.

First Impression

Two lovely, handy patchbays that are particularly interesting for small, portable setups.

The DF Audio Nanopatch patchbays are available now for pre-order for $60 (Australian) – $40 USD each. Shipping starts in November 2023.

More information here: DF Audio 

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