Polyend Teases New Product With A Big Knob & Sampling Functionalities

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Polyend, a young music tech company from Poland is secretly working on a new product with a slick design with a big knob and sampling functionalities 

The teaser monster is active again in the music tech world. The goal is to achieve as much as attentive without revealing anything. No Behringer does not tease another clone of a vintage analog synth. The teaser comes from the Polish company Polyend who developed the SEQ hardware sequencer and the experimental Medusa Synthesizer in collaboration with the analog specialists of Dreadbox.

If I interpret the teaser correctly, the new product does not really have anything to do with synthesizers but more with sampling. On the other hand, the trailer does not play classic Synthesizer sounds (oscillators, filters…) but sample material, in the third Polyend even talks about sampling functionalities. In the latest teaser on Facebook, a Rhodes e-piano is even recorded and played back with the device.

Polyend Sampling

Slick Design & Big Knob

Further, the developers say that the device is slick and has a nice big knob. This will probably be there to edit the sample material (slicing…) or diving through the menus. Since the devices look very thin and slick, it will not have a classic keyboard. So I assume that it either has a touch surface or pads with which you can play the audio.

Polyend Teaser Feb 27

Teasing, teasing! Yes, it is slick, it has a nice big knob, and yes it can sample too 🙂 More details in March.

Gepostet von Polyend am Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2020

“Yes It Can Sample Too”

Since the third teaser, we have known that the device can sample. Ok, that sounds very exciting because we are still looking for exciting new samplers. The question is how far does this sampler go. A kind of performance-oriented tape deck style groove box would very cool, similar to the OP-1 where you can quickly record something, only here based on samples. In the teaser, you can also hear how the Rhodes sample is sliced in parts. So there will be a kind of slice function.

I guess the sampler will go very far. Polyend is an innovative development company that likes to bring more specific products to the market, see the Medusa Synthesizer. It may well be that we will see various sample manipulation methods (granular synthesis, advanced slicing, …) in this instrument. In the second video teaser, you can hear very special and crazy things, which indicates that the sampling engine can do more.

Gepostet von Polyend am Dienstag, 25. Februar 2020

I’m very excited to see what they will present in March. It will be kind of a Polyend sampling device, for sure and it will definitely better than another clone of an analog synth from the past. We need innovation.

More information here: Polyend 

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