New Sonic Arts Released Nuance Sampler V.2: Drag & Drop Modulation, New FX Processors & More

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Nuance sampler v.2 is a major upgrade with big improvements for the modulation section (drag & drop, third envelope & LFO…), new effects, SFZ export & more!

New Sonic Arts released today a major update for the smart Nuance sampler plugin. The new version includes major new features for the modulation section: drag & drop support for third envelope & LFO and  a new table modulator. Beside this, it comes now with two new effects (Chorus, FX) as well as a new user sample/preset database.

All this is rounded up by multiple improvements in the audio core of Nuance and a better workflow.


Finally, a sampler designed the way you want it. Fast workflow, pristine sound, ultra-low CPU usage… and no bloat. Proudly standing out from the crowd of complex and cumbersome samplers, Nuance’s streamlined and intuitive approach will boost your productivity and inspire you to create new sounds – fast.

New In Nuance Sampler V.2

  • User Samples and User Presets databases.
  • Choke Groups / Round Robin.
  • New Modulation Drag and Drop system.
  • Added 3rd Modulation Envelope per Group.
  • Added 3rd LFO per Group.
  • New Table modulators: tempo-synced step-sequencers.
  • Save with Samples now has a ‘Collate samples’ option (Core).
  • Export to SFZ format.
  • SFZ import enhancements (Core).
  • Group multi-select for parameter batch edit.
  • Improved workflow for copy/paste/duplicate/drag of Pads and Groups (Core).
  • MIDI and Automation assignment shortcuts (on context menu).
  • Set Value context menu option: specify value by text input (Core).
  • Drag files from internal browser to OS and/or host (host-dependent).
  • New Chorus FX.
  • New FM FX.
  • Various internal engine optimisations (Core).
  • Updated skin (Core).
  • Various minor bug fixes (Core).

Nuance 2.0 is now available for VST/AU/standalone for a price of 99€. Existing users of Nuance can upgrade for a lower price to the new version.

More information here: New Sonic Arts 

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