Intellijel Sealegs, stereo delay with reverb module with shapable personalities

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Intellijel Sealegs module takes you on a creative stereo delay journey, always shapable in new directions thanks to many inner influences. 

You cannot avoid effects to give your sounds the final touch in Eurorack. Delays and reverbs are the most popular. In Eurorack, many modules do the same  FX thing. With constant new classic FX modules, this could be very monotonous and repetitive in the long run.

To avoid this “more of the same” idea, Intellijel has chosen a very playful and influential direction for its new Sealegs module.

Intellijel Sealegs

Our design goal for Sealegs was to create the warmest, most musical and organic delay module possible — something that would sweeten and enhance any audio one chose to feed into it.

Intellijel Sealegs

Sealegs is a collection of effects centered around a true stereo multi-model delay, says Intellijel on their website. So the delay is the starting point here, i.e, the center but not the final result. Ok, it could be, but you can also start your journey from here and use other FX and modulation components to build other delay timbres and FX out of it.

The delay core consists of three distinct delay models, all in stereo and with separate L/R buffers: tape, bucket brigade, and crossfading digital. They run 96 kHz 24-bit Stereo I/O and 32-bit floating point internal processing

You can control it with various parameters, including time, width, feedback, configuration options (pong, time/width, L/R), and more. Of course, you can also sync your delays on both sides.

From here, you can embark on a creative delay journey. You can choose between three range variations, allowing you to achieve various FX timbres. With the short range, you get chorus/flanger style sounds, while the long gives you long, lush ambient repeats like reverbs.

They can go up to 6 (L) and 8 (R) seconds of delay time. Work with the width control, and you can add up to 33% to time.Plus, you get a freeze functionality for holding the buffer and looping, great for turning the delay into a soundscape generator.

Intellijel Sealegs

Shape It In New Directions

For additional crunch and harmonic content, Intellijel has added a saturating input drive. Then in the center of the interface is a very noticeable switch knob. It’s the home of the internal syncable modulation engine. Besides seven classic mod waveforms, they also added more unique modulation processors.

This includes a wow & flutter emulation giving you the FX color of vintage tape delays. A positive and negative envelope follower mode lets you create modulation that fits perfectly to the dynamics of your sounds or track. Well, that’s not all.

Via the dedicated three-way noise knob, you can remove the all-clean character and infuse a touch of “imperfection” into it. On the left, you can introduce hiss prior the delay, in the middle it crackles in the pre-delay noise signal, and fully clockwise, the hiss is added to the post-delay signal.

There are also low- and high-pass filters allowing to shape the delay further. Further, it hosts a routable lush 1970-inspired reverb with three insert positions: either after the input drive (before the delay), after the delay (before the mix), or at the very end.

Connection side, you get stereo input and output (L/R) sockets and nine CV inputs with attenuverters.

First Impression

I hope I got all the information together. For me, Intellijel has released here one of the most exciting delays of recent years. This is because it goes very deep and is tonally super flexible, and is designed very hands-on.

Delays with so many features are often menu-heavy and difficult to use. Here you have everything right under your fingertips. Excellent release. and a big PLUS for a delay with sliders.

Intellijel Sealegs is available soon for $439/459€ and Stomp for $199/199€.

More information here: Intellijel 

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