Virsyn Tera Pro 1.9.4, new update adds full FM7 operator editor

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Virsyn has updated its multi-engine modular Synthesizer Tera Pro to version 1.5 with more wavetable power, and Black Friday sale. 

In version 1.9, Virsyn has added a complete FM engine to the Tera Pro Synthesizer for iOS/macOS via iAP. In the latest update, Harry Grohs, the developer, has significantly improved it again and installed a complete FM operator editor.

It gives you full control over the operators, including all parameters (coarse, fine, detune…), operator envelope, and more.

And yes Tera Pro and the FM7 engine are also fully MPE compatible.


VirSyn Tera Pro is one of the most powerful synthesizers on iOS. For some time also loadable on macOS (Apple Silicon) as AUv3. This is due to the wireless modular engine that is regularly expanded.

Harry Grohs, the developer has released two major updates with new features in the last two months.

Virsyn Tera Pro 1.8 1.9

Virsyn Tera Pro 1.8/1.9 Updates

Since I didn’t report on the June 1.8 update, I’ll catch up here. Update 1.8 brought iPhone support to Tera Pro, you have a mighty modular synth in your pocket. VirSyn also added new randomizers for the iAP modules Waves and BrainZ. There were also AUv3 GUI reworks.

Since we are already at iAPs. With update 1.9, VirSyn introduces another engine that can be unlocked via an iAP. It’s called FM 7 and is a full 6-operator FM Synthesizer with algorithms, dedicated controls, LFO, and more. You can add this new engine via an in-app purchase for $9,99.

Doug from the Sound Test Room did a first look and sound demo.


1.7 update (Article Update From February 27th, 2023)

The mighty Tera Pro Synthesizer app for macOS and iOS is growing again. The German developer Virsyn has now released a new oscillator module add-on called Brainz. It features 16 unique oscillator algorithms based on the open-source Mutable Instruments Plaits macro oscillator.

Once installed, Tera Pro gets an infusion of diverse synthesis forms like additive, virtual analog, FM, waveshaper, wavetable, and more.

Virsyn Tera Pro Brainz

The new Brainz module is available now for $9,99 USD as an in-app purchase.

Article November 25, 2022

At the end of October, the German developer Virsyn released a powerful wavetable update for the Tera Pro Synthesizer, which can be activated with an in-app purchase. A wavetable oscillator infuses this into the already impressive engine of the Tera Pro synthesizer.

Now version 1.5 is out and it will introduce even more wavetable goodness.

Virsyn Tera Pro 1.5

Virsyn Tera Pro 1.5

Virsyn Tera Pro is a modular multi-engine Synthesizer without wires. It’s one of the most comprehensive synthesizers on iOS. Now it is expanded again. With version 1.5, Virsyn Tera Pro gets a second wavetable oscillator slot. To benefit from this, however, you need the “iAP Waves” with which you can unlock the wavetable engine.

The WAVES engine supports wavetables up to 1024 different frames/waves and each waveform frame sizes can have a range of 128 up to 4096 samples per cycle. You get more than a thousand public domain wavetables covering most areas right in the app. If this is not enough, you can also import your own wavetables.

The Waves oscillator offers all known functions of a classic wavetable oscillator. You can pitch and fine tune the wavetable, morph through it, and use sync, FM, and phase modulation. Additionally, there is an interesting 8-bit resolution option onboard.

Two slots are more than one and so it is now a full wavetable Synthesizer with two oscillators. This gives you tons of new possibilities to create new sounds. Harry Grohs aka Virsyn also ships the update 1.5 with 50 new presets using the two Waves modules.

Then, the new updates includes a good amount of bug fixes:

  • double FORMANT module

  • missing AUv3 parameter ( FX & ARP )

  • pan modulation

  • Pitchbend problems

  • MPE: pitchblende glitch for reused notes fixed

  • MPE: allow same note to be used more than once

Virsyn Tera Pro 1.5 is available now as a free update for existing customers. Virsyn also launched its Black Friday sale where you can buy Tera Pro for just $7,99 USD. The Waves IAP is also $7,99 USD.

More information here: Virsyn 

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