Get Universal Audio PolyMAX Synthesizer FREE with a Loopcloud subscription (last days)

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Through August 2023, get the Universal Audio PolyMAX Synthesizer, regular $199, FREE with every Loopcloud trial subscription.

As many of you know, I’m not a fan of subscriptions. Spending money on something you can’t keep—strange modern times. But there is a deal in August where I would jump over my enemy image myself for once.

The sample subscription service Loopcloud has teamed up with Universal Audio to give away its PolyMAX virtual analog Synthesizer plugin free with every subscription.  The deal applies to every subscription, including the Artist level, for 6.99€.  So you get the plugin for 6,99€ instead of 199€.

Polymax Synthesizer Loopcloud

PolyMAX Synthesizer Loopcloud

Loopcloud is a subscription service where you download a standalone software and a DAW plugin with AI-driven search function, giving you access to over 4 million samples and loops. This software lets you audition individual samples in real-time with the current key and tempo, modify it, add effects, and more.

As with any subscription, you can access this sample catalog as long as you pay. Does this mean the Universal Audio PolyMAX plugin only works for so long?

NOPE, with every subscription in August, you get a lifetime key for the PolyMAX Synthesizer that will always be yours and will always work. At the same time, this means you can subscribe to Loopcloud once and then unsubscribe and keep the plugin. Not a bad deal.

PolyMAX Synthesizer

Universal Audio’s virtual analog Synthesizer features two multi-wave oscillators, and a noise oscillator that can be mixed in a dedicated mixer section. From here, it runs into a multimode filter (2/4-pole) with cutoff and resonance controls. Modulation side, you get a modulation matrix that hosts two ADSR envelopes and a single LFO.

A multi-effects section allows you to refine your sounds with the built-in chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, and reverb. Further, you can find a unison mode and arpeggiator. Not a groundbreaking plugin from the synthesis side. In terms of sound quality, however, it plays in the premier league of VAs and for the price, it is an excellent deal.

The Loopcloud Universal Audio special deal is valid throughout August 2023. Edit: until September 3rd, 2023. Subscriptions start at 6.99€ per month.

More information here: Loopcloud 

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  1. The only reason to get a subscription would be to complete a project for which I need something beyond my collection of plugin and hardware with a clear mindset of the timeframe to complete it. Now this is a great idea to make you pay to test a subscription model, a forever to keep synth. I hope it doest have a PolyMAX ULTRA because that would cheapen out the perception of what you getting.

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