Beepstreet Dagger Synth, analog modeling synth with four iconic filters for macOS and iOS, sound demo

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BeepStreet Dagger Synth is a new raw-sounding analog modeling synth with four iconic filter recreations for macOS and iOS 

At the end of 2015, BeepStreet, the developer of the Drambo modular app, released Dagger Synth, an analog modeling Synthesizer plugin with a raw sound nature. A synth that really enjoyed, and where I also published a sound library for it. Wow, that’s 8 years ago now, how time flies.

I’m happy to report that Dagger Synth returns today in a 2023 version with an improved engine.

BeepStreet Dagger Synth

Beepstreet Dagger Synth

The concept of the Dagger stayed the same. The synth is as direct, fast, and easy to use as the 2015 version. As technology progressed, iPads… became more powerful; Beepstreet could also extract more analog modeling juiciness from the synth.

Dagger remains an analog-modeling Synth with a lovely big, raw character. Unlike the previous version, it’s now a paraphonic analog modeling /VA synth.

Its core consists of two rich oscillators with shape morphing, oscillator mix, phase/detune, and hard-sync option. There is also a glide (auto glide), OSC mod, and octave controls. Next to the oscillator mix knob, you can also find a chord switch turning the synth in paraphonic mode.

4-Filter Dream

From there, it goes into the filter section, the highlight of the synth, at least for me. It features four analog-modeled iconic lowpass filter models, each with 8x oversampled characteristics.

You get a Steiner Parker filter known as the Arturia MiniBrute. Then, two transistor ladders, and a diode ladder. The last you can find in EMS synths or the Roland TB-303. A “Japanese style” naughty 12dB high pass filter also exists. Additionally, you can activate a spice mode that simulates faulty components. Both filter section now also features tracking.

Modulation is pretty straightforward. You get an ADSR envelope generator, and a multi-mode modulator can be a multi-wave LFO, a decay envelope, or a VCO. You can route the modulation to various targets, including oscillator waveform, pitch, phase, amplifier, and filter cutoff.

Further, you have an amplifier with a warm diode clipper and controls for drive, level, and mod. There is also an onboard limiter. Beepstreet ships the new Dagger Synth with 60 factory presets. If this is not enough, there is a randomize button giving you instant new sounds.


Mister Dagger Library?

With the new Dagger 2023 release, some are wondering, is the library coming back. The answer is yes. I will be releasing my patch library in the next few days for free with donation options so you get 64 new patches for it.

Important, however: the patches are based on the 2015 version, so paraphonic sounds will not be included. Depending on how supportive the community is, I increase the library with paraphonic sounds. Let’s see.

First Impression

As a user of Dagger Synth in 2015, I’m very happy that the synth is now back. The fact that the engine is now paraphonic and that the resolution is even higher suits the raw, great sound very well. The macOS version is also a nice bonus.

BeepStreet Dagger Synth is available now for an introductory price of $12,99/14,99€, including the iOS (iPhone/iPad) and macOS (Apple Silicon) AUv3 plugin versions.

More information here: Beepstreet 

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  1. Cannot recommend anything from this developer. Just read the many threads as to how he handles complaints, bugs, and issues.

    • I don’t know where you are reading the threads but probably those about the Windows plugins which are officially discontinued since several years. The developer sets its focus on iOS and macOS (Apple Silicon) plugins and if you check the AppStore update history of the apps, you can see that apps are getting regular updates. Most of them every month even with new features.

      And just making a judgment about a developer by reading threads from some users of the 1000s of users is a bit strange.

      • That is a fair point and equally invalid. Addressing serious bugs is part of his job and responsibility. I should have noted personal contact and the manner that he communicates leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Really strange for me to read your comment saying, ‘Can’t recommend’. I don’t know much of Beepstreet’s history on desktop. But on iOS Beepstreet is one of the very best, many people’s favorite, and and an excellent developer both in quality of apps and in app support and development.

    • Sarah, it not okay that you had those experiences in the past, but Beepstreet of today is a rock-solid developer with a strong work ethic, and one of most innovative.

      • I agree, the products are good, however if the developer cannot be professional and polite, he should hire someone that can be.

    • he is very responsice, communicates with users, fixes bigs quickly, adds features based on uses requests – one of best developers on iOS platform…

  2. On iOS, Beepstreet might be the bee’s knees, but I’m now even unable to download Dagger for Win which I purchased a couple years ago.
    I understand the whole “no pirates on iOS” reasoning, but I’m no pirate on Win. I don’t like the approach at all.

  3. Love all the apps from Beepstreet. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with their customer service and attention to detail updating their apps and squashing bugs.

    This looks to be another winner from Beep Street!!

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