Befaco Trolley Bus ON/OFF, new power distribution system for hungry modules

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Befaco Trolley Bus ON/OFF is a new Eurorack power distribution system made to feed the hungriest modules in your case. 

On Superbooth 23, Befaco released the 7U case with a newly developed power distribution that is also suitable for power-intensive modules. The case is now available on the market.

Good news for everyone interested in the new power distribution system. It’s now available without the case but with an extra module called Trolled Bus ON/OFF.

Befaco Trolley Bus On Off

Befaco Trolley Bus ON/OFF

Trolley Bus ON/OFF consists of two elements: the power distribution system Trolley Bus and the ON/OFF module.

The core is the Trolley Bus which is an integral 110 Watt power solution. It offers a power bus with 5A on +12V, 2,5A on -12V, and 4A on +5V distributed on 28 Slots.

Good, the top and bottom connector rows on the system are independent, which causes fewer problems. For example, you can isolate quiet modules from noisy modules. Befaco promises that this solution is ready to feed the hungriest modules.

ON/OFF is, on the side, the companion 3U module to the power system. It features a heavy-duty illuminated push button, two USB Chargers, and panel mounted 2.5mm DC jack IN.  The two USB chargers are a nice addition because you have a lot of external gear that can be powered with USB.

Befaco ships it with an ultra slim AC adapter (Universal IN 100 to 240v, 135w OUT) and you don’t need extra tools for installation. It provides adhesive standoffs allowing you to install it on unpowered cases without drilling any holes. So it’s plug-and-play.

First Impression

A nice system with a lot of power perfect for your future modular explorations.

Befaco Trolley Bus ON/OFF is available now for 259€

More information here: Befaco 

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