Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, gives a full studio tour with all its synths and effects

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Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, is a San Francisco-based musician and record producer. He made his breakthrough in the ambient scene with albums like Awake and Epoch. Anyone who has seen Tycho live knows Scott has plenty of synths on stage. recently visited Scott Hansen (Tycho) in the studio and posted a great tour.

Tycho Studio Tour

Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, let us peak behind the curtain at some of his most revered synths, his favorite pedal chains, and some of his secret studio weapons; all of which carefully laid out in his beautiful home studio. What gear would you jump at first?

Tycho Studio Tour

In the video, Scott shows his Synthesizer and effects collection. The focus is on analog synths like the Moog Matriarch or the Oberheim OB-X8. He uses digital synths more as a plugin in the computer but has an Access Virus in the studio and for live for many years.

It’s fascinating to see his love for effect pedals. He also says he prefers to build soundscapes with pedals rather than synths: ” I love synths, and I love what they do, but I’m more interested in how to sculpt them after the effects.”  For example, you can see the various Strymon pedals (BigSky, Volante, Elektron Analog Heat…).

Scott Hansen is also a guitarist so it also owns some interesting amplifiers like the Kemper Profiling and more.

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