Error Instruments Bubbles, a multi-voice stereo filter with an experimental touch

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Error Instruments Bubbles is a new multi-voice stereo filter for Eurorack featuring nine unique types with an experimental touch.

Yesterday there was Eurorack news from the Netherlands. Error Instruments and TINRS announced the exciting Brinta granular sampler. In addition, Paul Tas presented another fascinating module in collaboration with Stijn and Priscilla of TINRS.

It’s called Bubbles and is a special kind of filter. It’s the first filter from Error.

Error Instruments Bubbles

Error Instruments Bubbles

Bubbles is a new digital multi-voice stereo filter for Eurorack that is influenced by the creativity of different experimental devices. Paul describes the modules as an experimental stereo filter. Like Brinta, it is developed in collaboration with TINRS.

Multi-voice because it hosts nine unique filters split over three categories: experimental, acid, and traditional. There are two switches for this.

Starting with the traditional ones, you can find emulations of the WASP, Korg MS-20, and Moog style filters. All three are traditional filters, yes, the WASP and MS-20 are the filters that have the most character and are on the edge of traditional filters, in my opinion.

Then, it hosts three acid-inspired filters with types that work great with crazy baselines. For example, the highpass and lowpass include a built-in distortion and bit crusher or even a feedback boost.

The craziest of this arsenal of filters are certainly the experimental ones. These are based on ideas from the Rob Hordijk Blippo Box and Benjolin, both very unique and bizarre-sounding filters.

Paul Tas also says it uses ideas from the Teleblender bubble bath generation, especially the pinging modulation part. They implemented tiny parts of this in the filter that you can dial in with the dedicated knob.


On the front panel, you get a stereo input and output, two CV inputs for controlling the X and Y parameters, three knobs, and two switches.

First Impression

Honestly, I don’t know what I find more exciting now, Brinta or Bubbles. Since we have a lot of classic filter modules on the market, this brings a breath of fresh air in this section and also more wild filter timbres to the Eurorack world. A lovely experimental module.

Error Instruments Bubbles will be available in September. Price TBA.

More information here: Error Instruments 

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