WMD Intros SCLPL, 4HP Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ & Morphing Filter For Eurorack

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WMD shows for Superbooth 20 Home Edtion SCLPL a new stereo filter /5-band digital EQ module for Eurorack that is described as the mix surgeon’s best friend

There is one dominant theme on SB20 HE: stereo filters. After Shakmat, Bastl Instruments… WMD today introduced a new stereo filter, but a digital one.  SCLPL (pronounced SCALPEL) is a new Eurorack module that can be used as a stereo 5-band digital EQ and also as a morphing filter.

It works in mono/dual mono/stereo and can be used in many ways: cutting out problem frequencies on voices, improving the stereo field, or adding stereo filter effects to your sounds. As already said, the SCLP can also be used as an EQ 5-band EQ that fits nicely to the WMD Performance Mixer Setup thanks to the dual-mono & stereo control schemes. Nice is here that you can chain 4 SCLPL together for 8 channels of EQ madness in 16 HP even one more to the master bus for the ultimate mixing setup in 20 HP.


Straightforward Interface

The module offers a quite simple user interface that includes 9 user-programmable presets slots that can then be “morphed” between seamlessly with CV or the level knob in the morph mode. That sounds like a very interesting feature, mostly because you can animate it. Each frequency band is set independently with the Level, Q, and Frequency knobs, and a helpful LED display aids in knowing exactly what’s going on at all times. Frequency bands include a Low Shelf, 3 Mid-Range Peaking Bands, and a High Shelf.


  • 5 band EQ / Morphing Filter
  • Simple and Easy-to-Program interface
  • “trim” level adjustment for each preset
  • Visual LED representation of the current status of each filter
  • Each mid-range band can go from a broad cut, to a resonant peak
  • Low and High Frequency Shelving
  • 9 user-programmable presets (18 in dual Mono)
  • Low Noise Digital Audio Signal Path
  • “Morphing” for unique filter sounds that you create!
  • Mono, Dual Mono, and Stereo Functionality
  • Bypass Switch for reference of wet vs dry
  • Band Soloing for precision tuning

According to the developer, a video demo and manual is coming soon.

WMD SCLPL will be available in Summer 2020 for $249 USD.

More information here: WMD 

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