AudioThing Speakers, loudspeaker and mic simulator now available for iOS and Linux

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AudioThing has updated its Speakers loudspeaker and mic simulator with new speaker models, Linux support and released it for iOS AUv3.

In order for sound to be audible, you need speakers. Anyone who deals with sounds knows that every loudspeaker has its sound characteristics. There are very high-quality and also lo-fi ones that color every sound extremely. Mostly make your tracks dirtier and distorted.

In 2020, I reported about AudioThing Speakers, a fascinating plugin that brings microphones, microphones, distortions… together in a modular effects processor. Now this plugin is available for Linux and iOS.

AudioThing Speakers iOS Linux

AudioThing Speakers iOS and Linux

Speakers is an effect plugin that simulates a wide range of loudspeakers and microphones using a sophisticated convolution engine. The highlight of the engine is the possibility of customizing the signal path.

It comprises nine modules (input, speaker, two EQs, mic, distortion, noise, filter, and compressor. Thanks to these individual modules, you can reorder them freely and create new signal paths in seconds.

The new Speakers version 1.2.5 adds four new Soviet Radio speaker models, including Hexagon, Yellow, Orange, and Dark. This updated version now comes with 61 speakers, 42 microphones, 18 distortion/degradation algorithms, and 42 background noises.

Then, AudioThing added a bunch of new plugin formats. On macOS and Windows, it now supports AAX Silicon. Besides this, it now runs on Linux with VST2, VST3, and CLAP plugin format support.

Further, Speakers v1.2.5 features a redesigned VoIP algorithm and GUI improvements with better contrasts and brightness. There are also bug fixes.

And yes, Audio Speakers is now also an AUv3 effects processor for iOS.

First Impression

An excellent update for the Speakers plugin by AudioThing. I am particularly pleased that another AudioThing plugin has made it to iOS.

AudioThing Speakers update v.1.2.5 with Linux support is available now as a free download for existing users. You can get it now for $59 instead of $99 until August 5th, 2023. The iOS version with AUv3 support is out now for an introductory price of $12,99.

More information: AudioThing / AppStore

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