United Plugins Bitpunk, a morphing bit-mangling FX processor plugin

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United Plugins has published Bitpunk, a new advanced bit-mangling FX processor plugin taking you to wild, morphing digital degradation worlds. 

Modern computers make it possible to produce sounds and tracks of a very high quality. That with a very clean, smooth, and perfect sound. Something you only dreamed of before. Funny, for two years +/- the trend has been declining again and musicians want to bring the beautiful dirt from analog devices back into their tracks.

This led to a plugin release run of tape saturations, vintage tape emulations, etc. This also includes bit crushers that can destroy your tracks entirely in seconds. United Plugins has released an exciting new bit manipulation plugin introducing new ways of deforming your sounds.

United Plugins Bitpunk


United Plugins Bitpunk

Bitpunk is a new versatile digital degradation effect plugin. The wild plugin design, which in my opinion fits perfectly to this effect type, is immediately apparent when you start it for the first time. According to United Plugins, it can manipulate bits in various ways, such as bit swapping, classic bit crushing, bit inverting, and bit morphing.

The plugin core consists of two-bit manipulating channels (A/B) where the focus is to swap bits from these channels. For the bit-swapping to have an effect, the two channels must be different in some way. On each channel, you have different shapers like a rate reducer, square-wave frequency shifter, syncable delay, high-pass & low-pass filters, and more.

United Plugins Bitpunk

Next to this, you have also a morph knob for morphing from channel A to B and for in-between results. Also with different selectable orders how it swaps the bits. Alternatively, you can go wilder and create your own patterns using the number grid.

The sidechain input also plays an important role here. With this, you can route any audio into the B channel. You can then swap bits between the two signals allowing you to smoothly morph between two sound sources in very unique ways.

Additionally, you could use the sidechain to duplicate the input signal and use external FX to create the differences between the two channels.

Further, you get an entire finalizer section with an aggressive compressor, soft clipping diode saturation, high-pass & low-pass filters, and a hard clipper. So perfect for adding even more character but also to put the final touch on your sounds.

Bitpunk can subtly enrich your sound in various ways. Add top-end crunch with some bit-crushing and rate reduction, smooth it out with the filters, beef up the low end with feedback, and then compress and saturate for ultimate enhancement.

Or go hard by smashing the life out of the bits, deforming them with frequency shifting and glitch FX, then overdrive everything through aggressive compression and hard clipping. Bitpunk can go from subtle sonic magic to all-out degradation, deformation and destruction.

First Impression

Looks like a fun plugin that also brings innovation to the bit-crusher area. The ability to morph channels and to create bit morphing patterns sounds very interesting. I think I think I will download the 15-day unlimited trial version to dive deep into bitland.

United Plugins Bitpunk is available now for an introductory price of 19€ instead of 79€. Bitpunk runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The developer promises hassle-free software protection and lifetime free updates.

More information here: United Plugins

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