GS DSP MagicFusion, a spectral vocoder plugin for mac, win, and iOS

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GS DSP Magic Fusion is a unique spectral vocoder plugin powered by a multi-curve engine with built-in modulation for macOS, Windows, and iOS.

Vocoders are often used to color voices. Often to robotize them. For bands like AIR, Daft Punk, or Kraftwerk, the vocoder is one of the core elements of their sound and how they became known.

Often this sound is created with bandpass filters and other elements. The developer GS DSP, who is known to many for his Magic plugin series, now shows that there is another way.

GS DSP MagicFusion

GS DSP MagicFusion

MagicFusion is a special vocoder plugin. Unlike classic vocoders, it doesn’t use a trillion bandpass filter but operates on the frequency domain, aka spectral. You can shape the vocoder process with various parameters, including smooth, formant, and detail. There is also a dry/wet mix called FX.

Like the previous GS DSP plugins, MagicFusion is also powered by the flexible multi-curve engine. Particularly exciting is that it allows you to draw the affected frequencies in up to four lanes. Here, the curve controls the FX amount across the frequencies. For example, you can achieve organic, moving vocoder effects if you draw a wild curve.

Besides mixing and spread options, you can also morph the four results for achieving wild spectral filtering and processing results. So the plugin goes beyond classic vocoding. Then, you can also work with built-in modulators. In addition to the parameters, lanes can also be modulated, which allows you to go even wilder.

GS DSP says:

Imagine, if you will, a portal through which two signals intertwine, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends the ordinary. It possesses the power to extract the spectral essence of one sound, the modulator, and apply it to another, the carrier, creating a spellbinding synthesis of both. That’s why you must use two audio inputs: the input aka carrier, and the sidechain aka modulator.

First Impression

MagicFusion is one of the most extraordinary vocoder plugins you can buy. I like the concept of combining the unique multi-curve engine with a spectral-based vocoder algorithm. However, I would only be happy if each plugin has more distinctive GUIs making them more independent. All four plugins currently look very similar and are difficult to distinguish. Nice, on the side is again that there is an iOS version with AUv3. Big plus for this.

GS DSP MagicFusion is available now for an introductory price of $39,99 (reg. $49,99) and runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The iOS version is available for an intro price of $19,99 (reg. $24,99) and comes with an AUv3 version.

More information here: GS DSP

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