iceWorks Lagrange, multi-voice iOS Synthesizer now available for macOS

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iceWorks has turned its powerful multi-voice iOS Synthesizer Lagrange into a macOS (Apple Silicon) plugin via a free update.

In early April, iceWorks’ Satoshi Taneda began porting his original iOS synthesizer apps to macOS. The powerful hybrid FM Synthesizer Nambu made the start. Many more of his developments followed in a very short time. All as a free update.

Today he completes his Synthesizer port mission with the multi-voice Lagrange Synthesizer.

iceWorks Lagrange macOS iOS

iceWorks Lagrange

For me, Lagrange is the highlight of the entire iceWorks synth and effect app catalog. At first glance, the synths look very classic and “more of the same”. You get two oscillators, a noise generator, two filters, an amplifier, a delay, eight envelope generators, and two LFOs.

Going deeper into the engine reveals the strength of this synth. The concept of the Arturia MicroFreak inspired Satoshi Taneda. This can be seen above all in the oscillators. They don’t have a classic structure but are based on macro oscillators powered by various algorithms.

The algorithms range from virtual analog with classic waves (saw, pulse, triangle, 3xsaw), different FM types, and physical modeling to vocoders. Just as versatile is the noise generator, which also hosts various algorithms.

iceWorks Lagrange

Then, you can shape the sounds with a dual multimode filter, including comb filter options.

Another strength is the possibility of changing the signal path with two clicks. In a fold-out menu, you can choose from ready-made signal path presets. So you can change the routing of the oscillators, noise generator, or filters. Besides this, you get a programmable arpeggiator, effects, and more.

macOS Plugin

iOS musicians have known the Lagrange synthesizer since 2019. Since then, the AUv3 plugin has been available for iPhones and iPads. Today, the whole thing is also available as a macOS AUv3 plugin. And everyone who bought the app will get the macOS as a free update.

I am very happy that Satoshi’s multi-voice synthesizer is also available for macOS. Lagrange is one of the most exciting synthesizers on iOS, and finally all macOS Apple Silicon users can also use this plugin. Thanks, Satoshi, for this free update. All iceWorks synthesizers are now on macOS. I hope the effects will follow shortly. These are just as good.

iceWorks Lagrange is available now for $9,99  on the Apple AppStore. The new update 1.3, with macOS support, is a free update for iOS users. It runs as a standalone and AUv3 plugin on iPhones, iPads, and macOS (Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaper…) (Apple Silicon systems).

Important note: Unfortunately, the Mac App Store is known to have a display bug regarding apps already purchased on an iOS device. In this case, you should still be able to continue the purchase process and download the app for free.

More information here: iceWorks/iceGear 

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