Stardust 201 plugin is Cherry Audio’s take on the Roland Space Echo, $19 intro

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Cherry Audio has released Stardust 201, a new tape echo plugin that takes inspiration from the iconic Roland Space Echo from 1974. 

The market for plugins that emulate instruments, effects, or mixing/mastering gear from the past is highly competitive. Almost every plugin manufacturer tries to offer the best emulation. Cherry Audio caused a sensation in the synthesizer plugin sector. Especially with their low prices for their solid software recreations.

The Mercury Synthesizer plugin, which emulates the iconic Roland Jupiter-4, only appeared at Superbooth 21. Now the journey goes further into the effects area and the first release is another big highlight from Roland’s rich company history.

Cherry Audio Stardust 201

Cherry Audio Stardust 201

Stardust 201 is a. “hot-rodded” interpretation aka emulation of the famous Roland Space Echo. The developers accurately modeled the original unit and recreated the limited fidelity and stability of audio tape. This provides a natural roll-off of bass and treble frequencies for super-warm tonality and minor speed variances, lending an organic chorusing quality to repeats.

Further, if you crank up the intensity knob, the plugin will recreate the circuit overloading characteristic giving you the otherwordly runaway echoes and feedback that only a tape echo can produce. Stardust 201 offers features from both the RE-201 and RE-301 Space Echo units but also new additions. Including a 4x-extended “wide mode” delay time range, modulation, and more.

Pretty cool, the plugin ships with different user-selectable color themes. You can choose between the black 201 design, green 301, and others.

At first look a solid space echo emulation. If you judge it only by the price, it is a no-brainer. However, tests have to see how authentic it is.

Cherry Audio Stardust 201 is available now for 16,86€/$19 USD and Mercury-4 Synthesizer plugin users can crossgrade for just 8,93€/$9 USD. The plugin runs as a 64-only VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

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