Biotek 2 Synthesizer Includes Granular Synthesis, Spinal Saw Oscillator, New Filters & More

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Granular synthesis, spinal saw oscillators, new filters, parameter automation, new presets are the highlights of the new BioTek 2 Synthesizer by Tracktion.

Initially, the BioTek Synthesizer was just a kind of advanced rompler plugin. Step by step, however the engine was opened up for the user and BioTek has become a true sound design tool. Now BioTek 2 Synthesizer is available and it gets even more powerful.

The new version features a granular sample oscillator (sample import + FM), a spinal saw oscillator, new filter types as well as automation of all parameters. All these features make BioTek much more versatile in the sound character and also more interesting for musicians and sound designers. Users of the second versions can also enjoy over 500 new factory presets.


Designed from the ground up to be different, Biotek 2 is a completely original engine with its own unique sound. It is a complete sampling and synthesis workstation offering unlimited sound design in a rare and stimulating environment. The new Spinal Saw Oscillator ‘goes up to eleven’ detuned sawtooth waves within a single oscillator, delivering a total of forty-four sawteeth per sound layer. Making it perfect for thick leads, huge pads and rumbling synth basses. Biotek 2’s Granular Oscillator extracts sound grains from samples and redistributes them in any density to bring a mighty storm surge of synthesis to this powerful engine. Its Deep Parameter Control offers intuitive workflow management, so users can quickly and easily build custom instruments with unprecedented sound shaping control. Biotek’s innovative and comprehensive filtering and effects section offers users surgical precision to further sculpt sound with clinical accuracy.

With its new and existing tools, Biotek has become a creative powerhouse capable of producing unlimited sound layers. Users can breathe life into their music with Biotek’s unparalleled two hundred modulation routes for each sound layer. The instant control offered by its signature ‘Wild’ macro page lets composers customize their sound by allowing them instant access to inspirational parameters. The resulting compositions become more natural, animated, spontaneous and organic.

Biotek’s sound architects include industry veteran Wolfram Franke, prominent sound designer Taiho Yamada and experimental synth guru Richard Devine (best known for his critically acclaimed remix of Aphex Twin’s ‘Come to Daddy’), have skillfully crafted more than five hundred deeply creative sonic experiments for the factory patch list. This list includes over one hundred patches created by Richard himself and forty new sounds from film composer Christian Halten. Plus, Mike Wall, composer and engineer, has added an entirely new collection of audio samples including natural, environmental and industrial sounds.

Biotek 2 is a fresh new synthesizer playground in a weird and wonderfully immersive world. Its bigger modulation and modifier matrix offer virtually limitless sound possibilities, making it a dream come true for video and sound composition, film and game scorers and DJs alike.

Biotek 1 Biotek 2 Biotek 3 Biotek 4

New In Version V2

  • Spinal Saw Oscillator Type with up to 11 sawtooth oscillators in one, with FM and in-oscillator sync
  • Granular Sample Oscillator Type, with FM
  • Transistor Ladder Filter Type with 6, 12, 18 and 24 dB lowpass characteristic and resonance up to self-oscillation for all slopes
  • Sallen-Key Filter Type with 12 dB lowpass characteristic
  • Automation of all parameters (some hosts might be limited to first sound layer)
  • Dedicated browser page with filters for author, category, style and timbre and full-text search
  • Assign Source Info Menus showing where a modulation source is assigned to
  • 500+ factory patches

Biotek 2 Synthesizer by Tracktion for Windows, Mac and Linux (VST/AU/AAX) is available now for $199. Existing users can upgrade to version 2 for $99 USD.

More information here: Tracktion

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