Superbooth 23: Leaf Audio Field Amp, a clean noise-free amp for mobile recordings

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Superbooth 23: Leaf Audio Field Am is the clean, noise-free amp of the popular Microphonic Soundbox as a standalone version

Leaf Audio is a Leipzig-based music tech company best known to many for its Microphonic Soundbox—a lovely handmade wood instrument with contact mics allowing you to interact with it to generate experimental sounds.

The Microphonic Soundbox also includes a low-noise, high-quality amp that many users praise. For Superbooth 23, the developers decided to bring this amp as a standalone device called Field Amp.

Leaf Audio Field Amp Superbooth 23

Leaf Audio Field Amp

Field Amp is a new portable amp based on the high-quality and noise-free specifications of the Microphonic Soundbox and but again, improved. Manuel of Leaf Audio says: it is their solution for the world of body sound transmission, thus for recording objects with contact microphones and geophones.

More, it is perfect for sound design work or musical applications in the studio, field recordings, sound installations, and possibly much more, says the developers.

Leaf Audio promises that you can hear no noise or beeping or can’t see it in the spectrum. Not even above the hearing range, which would come into focus later during sound manipulation processes. It’s made for high-sampling rate recordings with high transpositions. It remains clear and pristine.

Field Amp is fully portable, light, and offers many mounting possibilities. It has one mono input, and two mono outputs where one has -12dB so you have basically a backup channel. They also ship it with a professional case where your contact mics, batteries, and cables also find a home

Then, it is also optimized for Hi-Z signals like contact mics and geophones.  It also acts as an impedance converter with a powerful output signal. No loss of signal quality when you keep the wiring short between microphones and the input. The output is a strong signal, and you don’t have to worry about a few meters of cable.

Leaf Audio Field Amp Superbooth 23

Feature Overview

  • high-class pre-amp for contact mics, geophones, etc.
  • case included
  • 9V DC power supply or battery
  • USB-C to barrel connector adapter cable included (5,5/2,1 mm)
  • up to ~50x adjustable gain
  • 1x mono input
  • 2x mono outputs (one -12 dB, works super as savety channel)
  • All connections 3.5 mono jack
  • 12 x 12 x 3.4 cm
  • 192 g (410 g incl. case & USB-C to barrel cable)
  • 1/4″-UNC mount on top and bottom for camera tripods etc.

First Impression

The Field Amp looks like a very handy product. Especially when working with contact microphones, this could be a nice quality booster for the recordings.

Leaf Audio Field Amp is available now for pre-order with a 15% OFF for 160,65€ instead of 189€ during May 2023 on ExplodingShed.  You can visit Leaf Audio on Superbooth at booth Z140.

More information here: Exploding Shed  Leaf Audio 

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