AMSynths AM8325 OBIE-XA VCF, the Oberheim OB-Xa filters for Eurorack

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AMSynths AM8325 OBIE-XA VCF replicates the filters from the iconic Oberheim OB-Xa analog poly synth and presents them in a new Eurorack module.

The Oberheim OB-Xa is one of the most popular vintage analog polysynths. Very expensive if you want one these days. Behringer has been working on an authentic and affordable clone for some time. A Synthesizer recreation that many are waiting for.

It’s loved by many not only for the creamy, fat analog sound but also for the unique filter design. For anyone looking for those filters for Eurorack, there is good news. After G-Storm Electro, Rob Keeble aka AMSynths now also offers the OB-Xa filter circuit as an independent filter module.

AMSynths OBIE-XA Filters


The AM8325 filter module (14HP) is a recreation of the 2 and 4 pole filters of the Oberheim OB-Xa Synthesizer from 1980 in Eurorack. The core uses two AS3320 filter chips which are clones of the iconic CEM3320 chip.

The 2-pole is a state variable SEM-style filter with lowpass & highpass outputs while the 4-pole is a classic 24dB OTA lowpass. Thus, you have two classic filter types in one module.

On the connection side, the AM8325 has two audio signal inputs with two dedicated level controls (OSC1, OSC2). Then, you get classic frequency cutoff and resonance controls, along with two FM controls (MOD and ENV) with CV inputs. Like on the original, the filter can also self-resonate. It also has a keyboard input for controlling the filter from a pitch signal.

There are also two switches. The first activates/deactivates the keyboard CV and second sets the filter mode. You can either choose between the 2-pole lowpass, 2-pole high pass or the 4-pole lowpass. The filtered signal is output on a mono audio socket.

AMSynths AM8325 OBIE-XA VCF is available soon for £140.00.

More information here: AMSynths

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