Inphonik RX1200 sampler plugin emulates the legendary 12-bit E-mu SP-1200

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Inphonik RX1200, new 12-bit sampler plugin gives you the sonic characteristics of the legendary E-mu SP-1200 for your DAW.

Dave Rossum is one of the pioneers of synthesizers and fits seamlessly into the league of Bob Moog, Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim, and others. One of his best-known developments is the E-mu SP-1200, a legendary sampler with analog filtering among beat producers worldwide.

The plugin company Inphonik has now revived this legend as a plugin for your DAW.

Inphonik RX1200

Inphonik RX1200

RX1200 is a new sampler plugin based on the legendary E-mu SP-1200. According to the developers, it’s an authentic emulation of the original sampler unit with an expanded feature set.

It emulates the gritty, crunchy, and warm sound that goes back to the 12-bit resolution engine, the 26.041 kHz sample rate, and the SSM2044 lowpass filter of the SP-1200. And, of course, all this with the famous aliased down-pitch tuning.

However, Inphonik did not emulate the complete hardware. The sequencer and the workflow are gone. The latter has been replaced by a new one optimized for performance. You can access 32 sample slots on the interface, organized in 4 banks with eight pads.

Each pad has dedicated tune, decay, and mix controls, controllable with SP-1200-inspired faders. You can also adjust the velocity response. Then, you can adjust the channels, filter (switchable 4-pole resonant SSM2044 lowpass filter (LP1, LP2, DYN)), speed, fine-tune, gain, and set the output.

Inphonik RX1200


With a simple click on the edit button, a sample editor unfolds. Here you manage your samples (mono or stereo with no sample length maximum) in folders and manipulate them further. You can truncate, normalize, reverse, and loop your samples.

Further, you can benefit from output channel settings for note groups and polyphony—individual pannings in mix mode and chromatic play option.

Inphonik ships RX1200 with 900+ samples built into 50 presets. It includes 122 kicks, 139 snares, 169 hi-hats, 47 toms, 32 cymbals, 120 percs, 50 FX, 32 bass, 41 keys, 151 slices, and 33 others. The developers promise more samples in the future.

First Impression

At first glance, the new RX1200 is a plugin that is aimed primarily at fans of the SP-1200. You will get an authentic emulation with all the beloved features giving you the vibe of the original unit. Compared to a TAL sampler, the RX1200 is a sampler that specializes in that one sound character.

Inphonik RX1200 is available now for an introductory price of 29€. It runs as a 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel & native Apple Silicon), Linux, and Windows. A rack extension version for Reason is also in development.

More information here: Inphonik 

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  1. This plugin pretty much kept me up real late for the past few nights and transformed my MPC X into the MPC X 1200. They nailed the aliasing and that gritty crunch, the dynamic filter also passed the test, it’s hands down the very best sounding software emulation of the original hardware…


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