Fulgur, a Trautonium-inspired analog ribbon Synthesizer with a spring reverb

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At SFF 2023, new French developer Fulgur Audio showcased the Fulgur, a new Trautonium-inspired analog ribbon Synthesizer with a spring reverb.

The big player, such as Korg, Sequential, Novation, etc., exhibited at SynthFest France 2023. It was particularly lovely that it was also an event for small Boutique developers that you don’t usually see at a NAMM or Superbooth.

The French developer Pascal Sausse presented the Fulgur Synthesizer at the SFF 2023 with his new company Fulgur Audio.

Fulgur Synthesizer


In the insane amount of analog mono synthesizers available in 2023, Pascal’s new instrument stands out. Fulgur is a new monophonic analog Synthesizer inspired by the legendary Trautonium.

Instead of traditional black and white keys, Fulgur uses a touch-sensitive ribbon controller, allowing you to play it completely differently. In terms of appearance, it is somewhat reminiscent of the Korg MS-20, but it is not a clone or replica.

It consists of two analog oscillators, a sub-oscillator, an MS-20-inspired filter with lowpass/highpass characteristics, and a real spring reverb. Yes, no emulation; you can hit it. No envelopes or LFOs. This job is done by the ribbon controller, which reacts to velocity and pressure. Plus, you can imitate the use of an envelope and LFO with your own playing on the ribbon.

First Impression

At first glance a very nice and niche analog Synthesizer with an exciting concept. It’s a very simple one that can play very expressively. Particularly suitable for very sensitive sounds. The synth is not cheap, but it is also due to the handmade factor of the production and the small quantities.

Fulgur by Fulgur Audio will be available on demand in May 2023 for 2400€ incl. tax.

More information here: Fulgur Audio 

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  1. Typo in Sausse’s first name: “Pascale’s new instrument stands out.”
    It’s Pascal, as you spelled elsewhere.

    • It has the touch sensitive ribbon controller like the original trautonium, which allows a different playing style. This is for sure more elaborate to build, and it’s small batch hand built.
      The main drawback is, that it is much too short.

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