Softube Model 80, a Prophet-5 emulation plugin and modular version

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Softube continues with its vintage synth recreation line with the Model 80, a Sequential Prophet-5 emulation as a plugin, and for Softube Modular.

For several years, Softube has also entered the terrain of synthesizer emulations. We have already seen a drop in which direction it goes in the module emulations from Doepfer etc., for Softube Modular. With their recent Model plugin line, they go all in.

With the Minimoog, Juno-106 and SH-101, they have already revived three analog classics as a plugin. Now they’re reaching for another legendary instrument, the Prophet-5 Synthesizer.

Softube Model 80

Softube Model 80

Model 80 is a new authentic emulation of the industry-definitive five-voice polyphonic Synthesizer Prophet-5 from 1980. According to Softube, they have precisely modeled the original unit’s sound, interactions, and performance.

Softube takes a different approach to U-he with their Prophet-5 emulations. The Swedes stuck strictly to the voice feature set of the original but enhanced the workflow of the original unit with handy additions.

You can get poly-portamento glide, Voice Pan Spread, velocity and aftertouch modulation, quantize filter cutoff, DAW sync, an Aging knob, and the Invert Voice Mod button. It also features an accurately modeled and newly versatile voice mod section.

Then, they promise you can easily recall all the best-known original factory presets.

Softube Model 80 Modular

The modular version is a special extra feature and a unique selling point of the Prophet-5 emulation from Softube. Like in the previous recreations (Minimoog, SH-101…) the developers have added the Model 80 in module form for the Softube Modular platform. So two products in one.

I find this add-on exciting because it allows you to discover the features and sound of the Prophet-5 differently. You can go in the classic direction with the emulation or explore the wild, modern way. With the modules, you can build your own synth on a modular basis where maybe the heart consists of Prophet-5 oscillators. You can also patch a modular Prophet-5 together but with significantly more features.

First Impression

With their recent emulations, Softube has shown they can also revive vintage classics on a high level. Yes, in that sense, it is another Prophet-5 emulation.  But the modular version, on the other hand, as already written, is an excellent addition that makes this news more exciting.

Softube Model 80 is available now for an introductory price of 99€ instead of 159€. Buy the Model 80 at my partner Plugin Boutique and get the Moog Moogerfooger MF-108S Cluster Flux effects plugin for free with every purchase throughout May 2023.

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