Patch Point Fénix II PP, the epic Synton modular analog Synthesizer makes a comeback

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Patch Point and Bert Vermuelen revive the extraordinary Fénix II modular Synthesizer as Fénix II PP with new features in limited quantities.

When we talk about modular synthesizers today, we immediately think of Eurorack, although there are many others: the Moog Modular, Buchla, and many more. One of the most bizarre and unusual is the Synton Fénix from the Netherlands. This was especially due to its striking feature set and its unique sound.

In November, the Berlin-based synth shop Patch Point announced that they are working on a remake of the Fénix II as Fénix II PP in collaboration with the original designer Bert Vermuelen. I missed the news back then, but now a new lovely teaser video invites me to catch up on this big news.

Patch Point Fenix II PP

Patch Point Fénix II PP

Fénix II PP is a new analog modular Synthesizer. Ok, strictly seeing it’s a semi-modular Synthesizer because you cannot expand it or replace existing modules with others. But it’s modular in terms of signal path, as each feature is exposed in the patch bay with banana sockets. So you can patch it like a modular synth.

According to Patch Point, it’s a direct descendant of the Fénix II in collaboration with Bert Vermuelen who was part of the original Synton design team. It’s a remake but also a new synth with feature upgrades. 

Important side note: the Fénix IV from This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS) is another new Fénix synth created with Bert’s help. Unlike the Patch Point version, this is not a remake but a more modern synth with a different feature set.

Patch Point Fénix II PP


The Fénix II PP adopts the front layout of the original, which is divided into two halves. Above the potentiometers, below a huge color-coded patch field with black, green, blue, and yellow sockets.

The synth has three VCOs, each with a slightly different feature and I/O set. In the same section, you also get analog and digital noise generators. Additionally, it has a waveshaper, a wave multiplier, a wave rectifier, and a ring modulator for further processing of the oscillator signals.

Then, it features four distinct filters with different circuits: a state variable, a 24 dB lowpass, a bandpass, and a 12dB lowpass. Effects are also onboard. It has a phaser and a dual BBD delay, both of which are CV controllable.

Unlike the original, the Patch Points version tweaks the filter section and adds new features. The VCF 3 formant filter uses chips instead of vactrols, making the resonance CV controllable and increasing the frequency range.

Patch Point Fénix II PP

Also, the VCF 4 LPG now uses chips, which gives it a faster reaction, and the LPG decay time can be set more precisely now. Also, the delay gets a makeover. It has a third switch that can be used to link the two delays.

The Fénix II PP hosts seven mixers: three for audio and four for CV and other signals. The synth is also packed with modulation. It has three flavors of envelopes, five multiwave LFOs (four have CV input), a sample & hold, and an 8-step sequencer.

In addition, it hosts a comparator, a slew limiter, a CV source with +/—5V, and a gate delay, which makes CV patching more fun. The four built-in VCAs are designed for both audio and CV signals. Other features are an input section and a stereo output with dual panning control inputs. 


At the opening of the Patch Point Synth shop in Lisbon, they invited Bert Vermuelen to demonstrate the new Fénix in a cozy environment. 

First Impression

It’s a lovely project. Yes, it is pricey, but it’s very welcome that the Fénix II will be back as a new Synthesizer in 2024. It’s not an instrument for the mass but a super special interest synth developed by two developers: Darrin Wiener and Bert Vermuelen.

It’s great that such projects also exist. They enrich the synth world, even if you often can’t or don’t want to afford them. 

Patch Point Fénix II PP will be available in limited quantities (100 units). The first batch of 30 units will be available in two months. You can pre-order your Fenix II PP for 5249€ + VAT. 

More information here: Patch Point 

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