Boochow Instruments minitone, free mono synth plugin for Korg drumlogue

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Boochow Instruments minitone is a free 2-oscillator mono Synthesizer plugin for the Korg drumlogue drum machine.

The Korg drumlogue is the latest addition to the logue family. The drum machine also features the exciting digital multi-engine in which you can load new synth engines. What many do not know. The drumlogue features a new version of the SDK logue multi-engine, which is more powerful and has more internal parameters available.

Thus, the plugins of the NTS-1.. are not compatible with the new Korg drum machine. The market is also growing here with new plugins. Boochow Instruments has published a free, straightforward mono synth for the Korg drumlogue.

Boochow Instruments Minitone

Boochow Instruments minitone

minitone is a new user synth plugin for Korg drumlogue drum Synthesizer/drum machine. It’s a classic monophonic virtual analog Synthesizer with two oscillators offering sync and ring modulation.

Then, it has a 2-pole lowpass filter, an ADSR envelope generator, and an LFO. The synth is monophonic from its core, but you can also use it as a pseudo-duo phonic synth. You can transpose OSC1 or OSC2 by MIDi keyboard while another OSC plays notes from the sequencer.

Further, a transpose sequence function allows you to transpose the notes from the synth sequencer by the MIDI keyboard input.

Boochow Instruments minitone is available now as a donationware ($0+). It runs on the drumlogue digital engine only, NOT on the prologue, minilogue xd, or NTS-1.

More information here: Boochow Instruments

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    • This one is exclusive to the drumlogue – not available for the prologue or the other models, as the drumlogue has a very different SDK and its own plugin format

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