Superbooth 23: Animal Factory Amplifications Asura, portable aggressive wavetable synth

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Superbooth 23: Indian pedal developer Animal Factory Amplifications previewed Asura, a new portable aggressive wavetable Synthesizer.

The Indian pedal developer, Animal Factory Amplifications, is known for its dirty, aggressive distortion pedals. For some time, there has also been a series of Eurorack modules with which you can bring this industrial sound into your rack. For example, the Godeater distortion and Coma Reactor textural delay are beautiful effects modules full of character.

You will soon get this distinctive sound in a portable synth from the same developer. Animal Factory Amps is working on Asura (enemy of the gods), a unique wavetable synth.

Animal Factory Asura

Animal Factory Amplifications Asura

Asura will be not a classic wavetable synth. Like with their pedals and modules, the developers go a much more experimental and wild way. The synth doesn’t follow the classic oscillator, filter, VCA, envelope signal path but has its own.

According to Aditya, the founder of Animal Factory, Asura will have designs from both the east and west coasts of India. Hehe, for once not related to the US but to India. Maybe these coasts have different sound influences; who knows?

The feature set is not yet fixed or official. We know that Asura will be a duophonic synth and feature two newly-developed wavetable oscillators, each with tuning and morphing knobs. They can also be cross-modulated and you have waveshaping. Then, they don’t run into a filter but a distortion circuit with feedback modulation options.

The synth can be played via a gold-colored touch keyboard. Probably also via MIDI. This is a prototype on which many things are not yet finished.

First Impression

Asura will be sure to be a very special wavetable synth. Since it doesn’t use a filter but distortion and waveshaping, his sound will hit the industrial, dirty side of the sound world. I am looking forward to the final version.

Animal Factory Amplifications Asura availability and price is TBA.

More information here: Animal Factory Amplifications

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