Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1, new audio to CV pitch converter module

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Sweetwater has leaked the new Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1, a new audio-to-CV pitch converter module with MIDI.

Update: it’s now official


Wednesday’s top topic was the Abacus, a clone/replica of the Make Noise Maths module. That wasn’t all Behringer has in the pipeline.

Also on Wednesday, Sweetwater leaked another new upcoming Behringer module. This will be a new audio-to-CV pitch converter module. However, Behringer has not yet officially introduced the module, so we have a leak.

Behringer Pitch Perfect PP1

Perfect Pitch PP1

According to the Sweetwater leak, the Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 is a new 8HP audio-to-CV pitch converter module. The module lets you convert microphone, guitar, or line-level sources to MIDI, CV, and USB signals.

Perfect Pitch PP1 expediently extracts information from any incoming signal, allowing you to control any hardware or software Synthesizer. Pitch, gate, and trigger values can be established from audio sources for use with Eurorack or other CV-compatible gear. And with the USB MIDI functionality, you can control DAW elements from your guitar, for example.

The module hosts a line mono input with Hi-Z and low-cut toggles, giving the total flexibility. The gain control provides up to 50 decibels of additional oomph. There is also also a gain-level potentiometer.

Behringer Pitch Perfect PP1

First Impression

At first glance an interesting, more unusual module. There are few audio-to-pitch (CV/MIDI) converters on the market. This module could close a gap there. And could be interesting to explore guitar playing with modular synths. I can’t tell if this is a clone/replica. I haven’t found anything that suggests it.

According to the Sweetwater leak, Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 will be available soon for $99.

More information here: Behringer

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