SynTesla IX, this epic DIY poly Synthesizer is not an AI creation but is freaking real

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SynTesla IX is the latest DIY Synthesizer creation from Pierre Jean Tardiveau, and it’s not an AI render but a freaking real instrument.

Since the AI boom and various online image generators, AI-generated images of fake synthesizers have been swarming on social media. These often look amazingly real. If you look at them in detail, you can often see the mistakes. For example, many AIs still have problems outputting the right key layouts.

I can guarantee that Pierre Jean Tardiveau’s new creation SynTesla IX is real and looks epic again.

SynTesla IX

French developer Pierre Jean Tardiveau has recently released some of his SynTesla creations to the public. Each unit is unique and has strong influences on the steampunk world. Inside, things are usually less exciting. Here are often commercial synths that have been rebuilt for these creations. Yes, the designs not only look beautiful, but they also make noise.

No different with his ninth DIY synthesizer creation.  Except that the SynTesla IX has its custom engine. According to the developer, it’s a 7-voice polyphonic Synthesizer with a classic subtractive design, including stereo VCO with nine waveforms, VCF with three modes, VCA+ADSR, two LFOs, MIDI, and useful utilities. It is suitable for atmospheres and pad sounds says the developer.

The design, reminiscent of a machine from the steampunk world, stands out in particular. It has lovely thick knobs, very industrial, and big VU meters. The built-in oscilloscope on the right side is just as eye-catching as the entire synth.

And the instrument sounds very solid. The linked video gives some sound examples.

Pierre Jan Tardiveau says the synth is not going into production because the cost would be too great. The retail price would be too high. Nonetheless, another beautiful creation by the French designer. It is particularly nice that there are not only AI fakes but also actual creations like this one.

More information here: Pierre Jean Tardiveau 

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  1. Mon dieu! That’s a gorgeous synth. Probably one of the coolest looking analog synths I’ve ever seen. I’m sure some folks with deep pockets will harass Monsieur Tardiveau to make one to sell…

  2. Thanks for reporting on these design pieces. It looks good. So far I like Love Hultens EC1 Synthesizer the most.

    I guess he is influenced a lot by Dieter Rams, who did the design for a lot of Braun products.
    Only the panel of this one looks a bit cheap. To make it look precious one needs to use textured powder coating. I think the new Intellijel uses it. It is also the reason why the verbos modules look so valuable. It took me some time to figure that out. I think they also use steel and not aluminium. The font on this one could also look better.
    It does not come close to the moog sub phatty, the first grey edition which is my favorite modern synth design wise and the best design will always remain the Arp 2600 to me, since it is a work of genious, how they placed the modules, how they prewired it and the look and leaving the right amount of space on the panel to not make it look cramped.
    It will take me some time, but I hope to make a Serge 2600 in the future, taking the basic design/layout of the arp 2600 with serge modules and having switches on the inputs of the serge modules for normalling. The Serge Eco system with all the CGS PCBs is the best eco system to do your own synth designs/layouts, having so many modules to choose from and being able to wire them however you want to, if you make your own panel.

  3. How is this a DIY if we can’t do it ourselves? LoL! This is more of a custom creation. If it’s not going into production for people to build than it’s not a DIY, at least in my opinion.

  4. looks nothing like a demented generative algorithms. it’s well laid out, smartly festooned with meters, and buck rogers knobs. killer work. please don’t degrade it by comparing it to machine generated rubbish.

  5. Hhm it’s more DIH or “Did It Himself”. I really hoped there was something like a kit or files or at least instructions.

  6. it’s a sad thing we have to note that a singularly well designed piece of equipment *doesn’t* look like a demented nightmare made by machine. Algorithmic Idiocy has already poisoned the intellectual water hole.

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