TubeOhm Jeannie, New 8-Voice DIY Poly Synthesizer In Development

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TubeOhm shares the first information about Jeannie, a new digital polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer that will be available as a DIY project. 

The real Synthesizer treasures are often hidden in the DIY scene. Here you often find small, unknown developers who are not afraid to offer new ideas. They often offer much more exciting products than what comes from the big ones.  Not always but often.

TubeOhm, who started out as a software developer, has also been playing on the hardware stage for several years. We remember the De-Generator, a very special digital DIY Synthesizer. The company is currently working on a new digital Synthesizer named Jeannie. Yes like the series “I Dream Of Jeannie”.

TubeOhm Jeannie

TubeOhm Jeannie

Jeannie is currently full in development. It will offer an 8-voice polyphonic synth engine with effects that is based on the Teensy 4.1 platform and the best-known FV-1 chip. The latter is part of many Eurorack effects processors including Erica Synths, TipTop Audio & more.

The core includes two wavetable oscillators per voice with 64 different waveforms each. It also has the option to create its own waveforms via software. There is an option for unison with 16 oscillators as well as XOR/ring modulation and sync.

Then the signal goes into a multimode filter and ends in a multi-FX processor with 14 different effects. According to the developers Andre Laska/Rolf Degen, the synth has a stereo delay and reverb onboard. On the modulation side, it has 2 multi-wave LFOs with different controls (shape, rate, …) and 2 ADSR envelopes. The synth has space for up to 1000 sounds.

An exciting new digital synthesizer that will be available as a DIY project. Not revolutionary new, to be honest, but the feature makes me curious to checking it out.

TubeOhm Jeannie Synthesizer availability & price TBA

More information here: TubeOhm

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