Future Sound Systems Brunswick Is A Battery Powered DIY Analog Synthesizer!

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Future Sound Systems DIY analog Synthesizer Brunswick, initially released with the BEEF collective is available now for everyone with a starting price of £99!

At SynthFest 2018, Future Sound System has presented the Brunswick, a new DIY battery powered analog Synthesizer that was initially released in collaboration with BEEF, a film and sound collective from Bristol. The Brunswick is a based on a single VCO (4046 phase-locked-loop IC), a two-pole multi-mode voltage-controlled filter, a dirty VCA and a classic envelope and LFO section.

The heart of the Brunswick is a 24-point patchbay that allows external voltage control over several parameters. Interesting is here that it offers a wide range of modulation options of different sections: VCO PW/PWM, VCO FM1/2, VCF FM1/2 and VCA AM1/2. Handy is here that it offers direct access to different parameters. From the first impression, Brunswick sounds great and for a price of £99 for the DIY, it seems a very cool project for solder. 


The Brunswick Synthesizer from Future Sound Systems was originally commissioned by BEEF in 2018 as a workshop kit synth. Whilst designed as an affordable, bare-bones synth voice, the Brunswick presents a single VCO, two-pole multi-mode VCF, dirty VCA and basic LFO and envelope sections. A 24-point patchbay allows for external voltage control over VCO pitch and envelope gate, as well as a slew of other inputs and outputs from 3.5mm mono jacks.

The VCO of the Brunswick is based around the 4046 phase-locked-loop IC, also giving both a PLL and Phase Comparator which are usable through the patchbay. The output of the VCO is switchable between a ramp-flat waveform, and a more conventional pulse wave. The VCF is a Sallen-Key filter, controlled by a pair of opto-FETs, with low-pass, band-pass and high-pass inputs available simultaneously. The VCA is based around a FET and delivers a very characterful, dirty sound as the VCA is opened and closed. The Envelope generator features Decay or Attack-Sustain-Decay modes, providing easy operation between sequencer or keyboard driven performance.


  • VCO 1V/Octave pitch control input
  • VCO Pulsewidth Modulation input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCO FM 1 input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCO FM 2 input (normalled to Envelope output)
  • VCO “Sawtooth” output
  • VCO Pulse output
  • Phase Comparator input
  • Phase Comparator output
  • Phase Locked Loop input
  • Phase Locked Loop output
  • LFO Triangle output
  • LFO Square output
  • Low-Pass Filter input (normalled to switched VCO output)
  • Band-Pass Filter input
  • High-Pass Filter input
  • VCF output
  • VCF FM 1 input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCF FM 2 input (normalled to Envelope output)
  • VCA input
  • VCA output
  • VCA AM 1 input (normalled to LFO Triangle output)
  • VCA AM 2 input (normalled to Envelope output)
  • Envelope Gate input (normalled to LFO Square output)
  • Envelope output

Dimensions: 194 x 120 mm
Module power: 2x PP3 9V batteries (+35, -20mA current draw)

Future Sound Systems Brunswick Synthesizer is available as DIY and pre-build version. The DIY will be available through Thonk for £99 from 19th October 2018 onwards. Pre-built units are available in very limited quantities for £225.00 (incl. 20% VAT) + shipping from the official FSS shop.

More information here: Future Sound Systems

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