Synthstrom Audible Deluge 4.0: wavetables, euclidean sequencing, MPE & more

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Synthstrom Audible boosts up its groovebox Deluge in firmware 4.0 with wavetable synthesis, euclidean sequencing, MPE support, and more.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and famous for its national rugby team, picturesque landscape, and rich culture. For Synthesizer friends, it’s the home of Synthstrom Audible, the developers of the Deluge. A hardware groovebox developed by a small, passionate team with a big focus on support.

Deluge is an all-in-one portable music box packed with synthesis, sampling, and sequencing functions. It is one of the richest in features, and these are now being expanded again. Firmware 4.0 is out now.

Synthstorm Audible Deluge 4.0

Synthstrom Audible Deluge 4.0

The new firmware 4.0 is a free update for all Deluge users. And it introduces a number of exciting features that give the groovebox another boost.

On the synthesis side, the new update 4.0 brings wavetable synthesis for both oscillators so you can load a wavetable in each oscillator. You can manipulate the wavetable position, use ring mod and load wavetables files for experiencing the full WT fun. This expands the sound spectrum of the Deluge massively.

This synthesis addition comes along with single-cycle waveforms support giving the option to load different vintage but also modern shapes as oscillator source. Ringmod and oscillator sync are also supported here.

Euclidean Sequencing

The internal sequencer also got a big boost. The new firmware 4.0 introduces euclidean sequencing that brings a new method of beat and melody creation to the Deluge. Coupled with the ability to now make any row within a kit, any length, this infinitely broadens the scope for new rhythmic variations and ever-evolving melodies. Thus, you can now create individual rows within a clip with different lengths. The developers says:

You can set the length of a row, dial in how many steps you would like to play on that row (automatically divided ‘musically’), and then move those notes horizontally – this becomes not just a new way to make innovative rhythms, but an incredibly versatile performance tool.

As sequencer toping, they also added new play directions to the sequencer. You can now tell the Deluge what direction to playback those particular notes and you can have each and every row playing in a different direction. Available are forward, reverse, or ping-pong. Sounds super fun and inspiring.

MPE & Polyphonic Aftertouch

Further Synthstrom Audible also added full MPE support to the Deluge in firmware 4.0. It now allows you to record, edit, and transmit MPE data with compatible devices. Alternatively, you can use an external MPE control to get expressive with the Deluge’s engine.

They also added the “good old” MIDI polyphonic aftertouch so you can now record both pitch bend and channel pressure (mono aftertouch) into the synth, MIDI and CV clips. And the data now stays with the clip even when you change the presets or clip.

Other Features & Improvements

  • Synths, kits, and songs may be put into folders, and the user can browse these when saving and loading.
  • MIDI input devices (and to a limited extent output devices) may be differentiated and treated separately so that two devices sending on the same MIDI channel won’t be confused.
  • Improved handling of regular MIDI pitch bend and channel pressure. Adjustable MIDI pitch bend ranges.
  • Sharing presets along with their audio files, with other Deluge users, is now easier.
  • improved modulation matrix

Another big free update for the Deluge. I am happy to see that the developers are still putting so much work and passion into the firmware works many years after the release. Big like!

The new Synthstrom Audible Deluge 4.0 update is available now as a free download from the official website.

More information here: Synthstrom Audible

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  1. This update is amazing! Takes an already great groovebox and puts it way above the rest in the field. How they do this with such a small team, I have no idea.

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